Discovering Treasure on Tom Sawyer Island

My grandson Garrett loved all things Indiana Jones, just as I loved all things Davey Crockett several decades ago. Prior to a family trip to Walt Disney World for his sixth birthday, my daughter Lori and son-in-law Michael made a few secret items for the trip. Lori decorated a small “treasure chest” using plastic diamonds, rubies, etc. purchased from a craft store. Inside the chest was an assortment of jewels, “gold” coins, and Mardi Gras beads.

Using brown paper bags, they drew a map with clues to location of the booty. The map took Garrett on a search of the Magic Kingdom in pursuit of a treasure. Of course the map was crumpled and edges charred to add authenticity. Cast Members were gracious along the trek. Tinker Bell gave Garrett a letter, rolled into a scroll, to inform him of a treasure. After waiting in line for a photo op with Peter Pan characters, Garrett met Mr. Smee, who handed him a scroll, which was THE MAP. As the day of adventure and discovery was nearing the grand finale, Lori, Michael, and older siblings Olivia and Zachery accompanied Indiana Garrett to Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Unbeknownst to Garrett, Lori had toted the laden treasure chest in her back pack all day. Lori discreetly went ahead of the family into Injun Jo’s Cave and hid the chest. Following the map, Garrett went to the designated spot to find a king’s ransom in jewels and gold. There is indeed magic in the Magic Kingdom! Now thirteen, Garrett still has the treasure chest and has never questioned the incidents surrounding the lucky find.

Posted 3 years Ago
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