Frozen’s 2D Concept Art Will Give You Warm Fuzzies

Be honest: the first time you watched Frozen, did Hans have you fooled too? If so, we understand how you feel. After watching his duet with Anna, “Love is an Open Door,” we were convinced that he was for real. The song and accompanying dance number were so charming, how could anyone not fall into that trap?

VisualĀ development artist Cory Loftis was one part of the creative team that spent years crafting the look of Disney’s Frozen, and as part of his work on the film, he paid particularly close attention to this sequence.

His 2D digital art, as included in “The Art of Frozen,” gives us a look at Anna and Hans’ song as conceived long before it ever made it to the screen. The images are so powerful, it’s hard not to be convinced that their love is for real all over again.








“The Art of Frozen” includes all of these photos and more, plus some really great interviews with the creative team behind the film. You can find it at bookstores everywhere and online.

Posted 7 years Ago
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