Wishing for the One I Love

I have always been in love with Peter Pan, so when I packed for my trip to Disneyland my suitcase held a thimble. In the play, Peter Pan, Wendy gives Peter a thimble telling him it is a kiss. I spent the entire morning searching for Peter, but didn’t have much luck. During my search I stopped at Snow White’s wishing well and sang “I’m Wishing”. Later that day I was heading back to Fantasyland to find Peter again and saw him standing at the wishing well! I asked Peter if I could take a picture with him and when he said of course, I quoted Peter Pan, “I think it’s perfectly sweet of you Peter, I should like to give you a kiss.” And then I gave him the thimble I had been carrying around the whole day. He was so excited and stuck it onto his finger. It was definitely the best moment of my life.

-Areya Kugler, 14, Flagstaff, AZ


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Posted 4 years Ago
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