Throwback Thursday: Bambi Movie Posters

It’s hard to reflect on a time before Bambi was a household name. Walt Disney Productions’ fifth Animated Classic, released in 1942, Bambi now seems synonymous with the heartfelt style of family entertainment that Disney has come to represent. However, at the time, Bambi struggled somewhat to gain the foothold in American entertainment that it would earn over the coming decades, not to mention internationally. Now widely regarded as one of the finest examples of animation ever put to film, Bambi has found its way back into theatres in nearly every decade since.

As you think back on Bambi’s legacy, and the distance Walt Disney Animated Studios has come since then, take a look at this selection of Bambi theatrical posters and promotional art from the film’s original release, as well as the years since:



Have you ever seen Bambi on the big screen? Tell us about your memories of this film in the comments below!

Posted 7 years Ago
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