The Haunted Mansion Holiday Transformation Trivia Quiz

Halloween Time is in full swing at Disneyland Resort, which means The Haunted Mansion is under temporary new management. The Pumpkin King is in charge–or at least Sandy Claws, his gift-giving alter-ego, is. This time each year, The Haunted Mansion receives a full make-over, in honor of the Halloween (and Christmas, too!) classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s a special treat for Disneyland goers which isn’t repeated at Walt Disney World. Many Southern Californians and Disneyland die-hards have learned to love this seasonal change of scenery, which has only been going for… well, we can’t tell you how long, because it’s time to take our Haunted Mansion Holiday Transformation Trivia Quiz, and that would spoil the surprise!

So, do you think you know all there is to know about Jack Skellington’s house of horrors? Let’s find out:


It’s OK if you didn’t get a perfect scare score! There’s still plenty of time to head to Disneyland to take in all of the details of The Haunted Mansion Holiday Transformation for yourself. Head to the official Disneyland Resort Halloween Time homepage to find out more and plan your trip today.

Posted 5 years Ago
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