The Ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas Trivia Quiz

There are few who deny, that when it comes to Halloween-time, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best. And for that matter, Christmas-time, too!

When it comes to movie trivia based on this stop-motion animated classic, do you excel without ever even trying? You’ll definitely need some ghost-like charms to triumph over this extra-hard quiz. Try not to give out too loud of a shriek if you come up on an answer you don’t know. You can always toss in your DVD or Blu-ray of the movie and search for the answer. But beware… heavy is the head that wears the Pumpkin King’s crown!




Did you know that Disney Store has an entire section dedicated to The Nightmare Before Christmas, filled with clothes, collectibles, decorations, and more? If you need a little more Jack & Sally in your life, check it out today.


Posted 6 years Ago
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