Get Inside Pete Docter’s Mind and the World of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

To celebrate the release of the new Inside Out trailer, director Pete Docter took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions about the upcoming film, working in animation, and his career with Disney•Pixar. Pete delivered plenty of insight into the development of Inside Out and its characters, and shared some tidbits about traveling, cookies, and even Cranium Command at Epcot. Read on for a roundup of his replies:


On the development of Inside Out:


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Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet3 copy

Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet3.1 copy

Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet3.2 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet5 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet1 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet6 copy
Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet6.2 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet7 copy
Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet7.2 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet8 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet9 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet10 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet12 copy

Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet13.1 copy

Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet13 copy

On directing animated films:
Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet4 copy
Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet4.2 copy



Ask-Inside-Out-Pete-Docter--Tweet11 copy


Inside Out stars Amy Poehler (Joy), Lewis Black (Anger), Bill Hader (Fear), Mandy Kaling (Disgust), and Phyllis Smith (Sadness). The film comes to theaters June 19, 2015.

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