The most amazing thing happened at Disney World for my birthday this year. I wrote it down the moment it happened because I didn’t want to forget a single detail! At the UK pavilion in Epcot, I saw Mary Poppins. I wanted to apologize to her about the parade debacle a few years earlier (in which she asked me to come to the parade and I was unable to, aka “the day I probably disappointed Mary Poppins”), and she said that it was alright, and said that I was very polite. I could hardly process what happened next: she asked me to wait over by the fountain, and that she would walk back with me. Through the whole pavilion. So I did… and we walked and spoke the whole time (mostly on the logistics of interdimensional travel – no, really! But also on the weather, chalk drawings, and optimism). Then we went to the tea store, and she got me a tea sample (which I proceeded to burn my tongue on – the picture of sophisticated grace), and then we said farewell. I seriously cannot believe this happened. Thank you, Mary Poppins. You are practically perfect in every way.

-Emily Bricker, 21, Toronto, Canada


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Posted 5 years Ago
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