“Do You Think Snow White Would Give Me a Hug?”

My wife and I are foster parents. One day, a very scared little four-year-old came to live with us. We immediately started reading her stories of Disney Princesses. She LOVED the stories about Snow White. She couldn’t get enough. One day, we were watching a Disney Parks video, and she yelled out “Mr. Kyle, stop!” So I stopped the video. “Rewind.” I rewinded. “There!” It was a shot of Snow White giving a little girl a hug. “Do you think Snow White would ever give me a hug?” It was at that point that I knew this little girl needed a hug from Snow White. A few short months later, we were on an airplane to the happiest place on earth. On our first day in the park, she was dressed up as Snow White, and was the happiest little girl on the face of the planet. “When I see Snow White, I’m going to give her a hug, then I’m going to cry.” She had it all planned out. I grew up going to Walt Disney World, and my wife and I had made several trips since being married – but seeing it through the eyes of a child is a whole new experience. We walked in, and immediately, a cast member at the front gate said “Good Morning, Princess. You’re going to want to go by that tree over there, Snow White will be out in 5 minutes.” When the time came, my daughter jumped into Snow’s arms. They hugged, they danced, Snow White kissed her on the cheek. A little girl’s dream come true. After the meet ‘n greet, we went to the show at the Castle. Snow White and the Prince came out and danced. Snow White gave my daughter a little wave. It was cute. Then, magic happened. We were waiting for the 3 o’clock parade. There was a crowd of about 30 kids pressing in on Snow White as she walked down the street. The handlers were trying to get her back inside. My daughter wanted to go say hi to her, but we kept her close. I heard Snow White say “Excuse me friends, there’s someone I need to go talk to.” Snow White left all the kids behind, and came right over to my daughter. “Well, hello, Princess. I remember you from this morning. How is your day? I want you to meet my prince.” A little girl’s dream come true, once again. To those characters – you’ll never know how much your little interactions meant to my scared little girl. We’re planning our next trip, and our daughter is looking forward to introducing her new sisters to all the princesses!

-Kyle Holder, 37, Kenosha, WI


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Posted 6 years Ago
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