Feeling “Inquizitive”? Find Out Your Ultimate Disney Personality Type

Some of Disney Blogs’ best contributions to the internet are the many amusing Disney quizzes that have supplied critical information to our readers, in the form of answers to questions like “Are you Anna or Elsa?” or “Which Disney Villain are you?”


Now there’s a place where you can find those answers and more, even when you’re on the go. Today marks the launch of Disney Inquizitive, the new mobile app that will let you take dozens of Disney quizzes and tabulate¬†your definitive Disney personality type. The app builds and expands upon your profile with every new test¬†you take, helping you categorize your personality type and find out which characters you’re most like. You can even connect with friends on social media to share your results (and finally confirm your suspicions about that friend who reminds you a little too much of Maleficent).



Disney Inquizitive is available for free download on the iTunes App Store.

Posted 3 years Ago
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