Filmmakers Invite Tomorrowland Fans into the Future with a Candid Q&A

If you’ve been following the buzz around Tomorrowland, you know that the film’s exploration of a secret history of Walt Disney and an enigmatic future world caught between time and space is any Disney fan’s dream come true. The trailer that released this morning gave us our biggest peek yet into the action-packed world of the film starring George Clooney, but it left us with even more questions than before. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now and you’ll know what we’re talking about:



In conjunction with the new trailer, director Brad Bird and producer Damon Lindelof held a fan Q&A to answer some of our burning questions about the world of Tomorrowland, inspiration from Disney Parks attractions, and even a few classic Disney characters who will make cameos in the film. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the most exciting things we learned:


What inspired you to make a movie that involves uncovering long-hidden Disney secrets?

Damon: One of our inspirations was all the hidden Mickeys in the parks… the idea that the Imagineers themselves want to reward the super fans is something we really plugged into!


Can you share with us what was the moment while you worked on the story that you realized, “Yes! Now I feel really good that this movie is working”?

Damon: That moment came (and went) MANY times over the last four years. When Jeff Jensen and I first started talking about Disney history, particularly Walt’s involvement at the 64 World’s Fair… that was the first time I felt a tingle of, “Wow. We’re tapping into something pretty cool here.” I felt it again when Brad started doing pre-viz for some of the insane action sequences in the movie… and AGAIN on the scoring stage just last week as the brilliant Michael Giacchino led a hundred piece orchestra through the music for the movie.


What was it like working with Richard Sherman? Was he there for support or to actually contribute his work to the film?

Brad: It was great to have Richard there. Both Michael Giacchino and I are huge fans of his and you might even hear some Sherman Brothers work the movie.


Will we see any Disney characters in the movie?

Damon: If you look REALLY carefully, you’ll see The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and the Big Bad Wolf from Three Little Pigs!


What Disney Parks attractions influenced/inspired you when creating this movie?

Damon: Brad turned me on to some of the classic Tomorrowland attractions like the Carousel of Progress. The way the future was viewed from the PAST was really intriguing to us.


Brad and Damon also fielded a few questions about Tomorrowland’s all-star cast:


What made you consider and select Hugh Laurie as David Nix?

Damon: Hugh was, quite literally, the only actor we considered for the part. We needed someone who could:

  1. Be very, very smart.
  2. Be very, very funny.
  3. Go toe to toe with George as to who is the greatest former TV doctor.


What was it like to work with George Clooney?

Damon: George Clooney is a MONSTER. A handsome, brilliant, talented, highly fun and intensely collaborative monster.

Brad: George was our first choice. Luckily he accepted. Integrity is a key part of his persona. The fact that he hasn’t done a lof films like this speaks to that. He only gets involved with things he believes in. That’s also true of Frank Walker the character George plays in Tomorrowland. He’s a great actor and he’s funny.


What was it about Britt Robertson that led to choosing her as your lead and how would you describe her character?

Damon: A zillion talented young actors auditioned for Casey, but Britt was the one who most embodied what we were looking for — a hopefulness and optimism that felt fresh without being corny. Casey is a dreamer… and explorer… a young woman who refuses to accept the status quo. We felt Britt embodied all of the above.


Tomorrowland opens in theaters May 22.


Posted 5 years Ago
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