We’re Liveblogging the New Allies and Villains in Star Wars Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration!

We are kicking off our third day at Star Wars Celebration with the New Allies and New Villains in Star Wars Rebels panel! Follow along with our liveblog below, and check out the live stream over at StarWars.com.

Get a first look at Star Wars Rebels season two:


Pippa Bowen April 18, 201510:50 am

The Stars of Star Wars Rebels panel is about to start! 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201510:52 am

What better way to kick off a panel than with poetry?

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201510:55 am

There are so many adorable kids dressed up as rebels. We wish we were  between 6 and 12 to win some prizes!

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201510:59 am

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:05 am

Your host, James Arnold Taylor, enters the stage and shows off his awesome Rebel kicks and his many unique voices. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:12 am

Taylor Gray, Tina Sircar, Steven Blum, Vanessa Marshall,  Freddie Prinze, Jr., Simon Kinberg, and Dave Filoni have joined the stage. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:13 am

“Star Wars was the reason I wanted to get into film in the first place.” – Simon Kinberg

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:16 am

Freddie’s scar on his chin is from playing Star Wars. He has appreciated Star Wars from the beginning, but it has gotten deeper since Rebels started. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:20 am

Tina has turned her mom into a Star Wars fan by being on the show. What’s great about Start Wars is that anyone can get into it at any time and still be a fan.

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:22 am

Simon’s earliest memory is camping out to see A New Hope. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:27 am

During auditions for the show, Dave tried to keep it under wraps that the show was Star Wars. Somehow Freddie figured out that “sun sword” was a code word for “lightsaber” and put the pieces together. We have no idea how.

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:29 am

“You see how Dave is a Sith Lord.” – Freddie

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:31 am

Possible spoiler alert from Tiya. We’ll let you watch the video for that one. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:33 am

The whole panel takes a seat on the floor to watch the first preview of season two. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:37 am

Standing ovation for the preview of season two. We’re watching it one more time! Old friends are coming back, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:39 am

The more the merrier! 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:41 am

Ashley Eckstein and Dee Bradley Baker join the stage!

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:44 am

It’s been two years since Ashley and Dee have recorded together, and she is so happy that Rex is back. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:47 am

If you’re ever been interested in becoming a voice actor check out Dee Bradley Baker’s site http://www.iwanttobeavoiceactor.com

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:49 am

It takes the smallest of Star Wars fans to ask the biggest questions. A young boy asked how everyone survived the Clone Wars. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:51 am

“We all love Rex. Kanan, not so much.” – Dave

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:54 am

Eliza asks, “Who does Chopper’s voice in the movie.”

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201511:57 am

All past characters who are coming back are here to help tell the stories of the current characters. Dave says that he’s being careful with who he’s bringing back and doesn’t want the show to seem like a stream of guest appearances. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201512:00 pm

Thank you for joining us for the Star Wars Rebels panel! May the Force be with you. 

Pippa Bowen April 18, 201512:09 pm

Thank you for joining us for the Star Wars Rebels panel! May the Force be with you. Be sure to check out the video of this panel on StarWars.com!

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