We’re Liveblogging the Conversations with Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank Panel at Star Wars Celebration!

Directors Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank join Kathleen Kennedy, Kiri Hart, and Pablo Hidalgo to discuss the upcoming stand-alone Star Wars films. The first stand-alone film entitled Rogue One was announced earlier this year, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear about it! Follow along with our liveblog below, and check out StarWars.com to learn more.

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201510:34 am

We’ve got our seats for the panel! 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:08 am

The conversation is about to start! No photography or video recording will be permitted during the panel. Sounds like we will see some cool stuff!

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:11 am

Josh Trank will not be joining us today. Kathleen Kennedy and Kiri Hart have joined the stage with Pablo Hidalgo. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:12 am

The newest trailer has already been viewed 88 million times! Everyone is so excited for the future of Star Wars. Now let’s take a look into the future with our Force vision and this panel. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:15 am

The stand-alone films were part of George’s idea. He wanted to explore all of the stories inside the Star Wars universe. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:16 am

These films will stand on their own, introduce new characters and places, but still feel like Star Wars. They will be called anthology films. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:18 am

Welcome Mr. Gareth Edwards to the stage!

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:20 am

The most amazing thing Gareth has seen during Celebration was the trailer for episode 7. He could feel his tears starting and he tried so hard not to cry. Like all of us, he couldn’t help it when Han Solo came home. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:21 am

Gareth introduces the first mal peek. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:23 am

Applause roars out from the crowd. Everyone has chills. Let’s watch it one more time! We can’t wait for you to see this. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:26 am

“A rogue band of resistance fighters unite to steal the Death Star plans and bring new home to the galaxy.”

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:26 am

This is set after episode 3 and before episode 4.

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:27 am

During this time the Jedi are all but extinct. The absence of the Jedi is palpable, and a group of individuals without powers have to bring hope to the galaxy. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:29 am

Star Wars Rebels also takes place during this timeline. As the stories evolve they are able to nod to each other. There are opportunities there. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:30 am

Gareth describes this movie as the gray area that leads us to A New Hope. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:33 am

Felicity Jones plays a rebel soldier and Gareth feels so lucky that she is a Star Wars fan and dropped everything to join the team. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:36 am

John Knoll joins the conversation. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:38 am

John informally pitched the idea for the film and everyone thought it sounded amazing. He obviously got a good response when he pitched it officially. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:41 am

Kathleen thought she would open the flood gates by saying yes to John’s idea, but she realized that she couldn’t say no.

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:43 am

John and his brother created Photoshop. Gareth has declared him a genius (but has also requested additional plus ins in the program). 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:48 am

Gareth describes reading the first piece of paper on this film and was floored (he had choice words that we won’t repeat). He kept the project secret for six months. His mom and dad didn’t even know. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:49 am

Gareth took a screenshot of when he FaceTimed his mom and told her about the film. It’s adorable. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:51 am

For this 30th birthday he went to Tunisia and spent the night in Lu ke Skywalker’s home. He even got dye to drink blue milk. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:52 am

Pablo declares that Gareth has passed the Star Wars fan test. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:53 am

Shooting for the film will start in the summer in the UK as well as around the world. He won’t say where so thousands of people won’t show up. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:55 am

The panel is wrapping up with another encore of the teaser. We may be getting an even closer look sometime today. We are unbelievably excited for this film to hit theatres December 2016. 

Pippa Bowen April 19, 201511:56 am

Thanks for joining us for our liveblog! We’ll continue to keep you updated as the weekend wraps up. May the Force be with you!

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