Behold! The George Lucas Emoji, In All Of Its Glory!

Today, during the Disney Legends panel at the D23 Expo, the Star Wars App was quietly updated to include a brand new emoji, of a newly inducted Disney Legend no less! That’s right, you can now send a tiny, adorable George Lucas emoji to all of your friends. This is truly a work of art. It captures the essence of Lucas, creator of both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones, in a highly stylized and insanely cute way. This emoji is perfect for punctuating tweets regarding your excitement for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, accompanying Snapchats of your stylish new beard, and sending text messages announcing a new bulk purchase of rustic flannel shirts.


A couple of weeks ago, we spoke to artist Truck Torrence, who goes under the name 100% Soft, and who was responsible for designing all of the amazing Star Wars emojis, all the way back to the emojis debut at Star Wars Celebration earlier this spring. We had heard a Lucas emoji was on the way, so asked Truck about what it was like illustrating the ultimate Jedi Master.


“It was great because it comes down to three elements: the hair, the beard, and the plaid,” Torrence told us. “And so as long as I nail the hair, the beard, and the plaid, I was good. I had to finesse the hair for a while because he has that perfectly coiffed curl. So I had to really perfect that. I went through a few iterations of plaid before I figured what best suited him. But once I got all those three together, they were the holy trinity of George Lucas iconography.” Indeed they are! The Force is strong with this emoji!


And we’re sure you’ll agree that the George Lucas emoji turned out fabulously. It’s now part of the Star Wars App (available now on the App Store and Google Play). Download it and delight.

Posted 5 years Ago
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