Exclusive: Artist JC Richard On His Amazing Cinderella Castle Print

As the live-action Cinderella makes its way to home video this week, a new limited edition print tied to the original 1950 animated classic arrives. And it is a stunner.


JC Richard designed this officially licensed Cinderella print, depicting the iconic castle, for Cyclops Print Works, and it goes on sale on Friday at 12pm PST. The $100, 18-color serigraph is magnificently beautiful, full of gorgeous little details that any eagle-eyed Disney fan will appreciate. It’s the kind of piece that you just soak in. What’s more, it’s being released alongside Richard’s “Paperman” print (something he describes as “joyous fun”) and Dave Perillo’s “Feast” print, both of which were (previously) D23 Expo exclusives. If you love Disney and have some empty wall space, this is your time to shine.


We got on the phone to talk to Richard about his longstanding Disney fandom, how important those little details were to the piece, and whether or not he’ll be working on any Disney pieces in the future.


So you’ve been a longtime Disney fan, right?

Yeah, I’m a huge Disney fan. Luckily, since I’ve raised some kids in the past few years, I’ve become reacquainted with the precision and majesty and lighting and sound of these animated films. Coming back to it recently has become a revelation to me. It’s really interesting.


Have you always been a fan of Cinderella?

That was always my daughter’s favorite and that was one that I probably watched the most as I got back into it. What I was always struck by, going back into the making of it, was that even though it was a step forward, they were bringing a lot more reality to it but it was also more surreal. That new technique made me keep watching it even when she wasn’t in the room. That always struck me–the environments and the lighting they brought into it. It was almost like they finally got away from technique and made a film that was a little more organic.


You chose the castle, which thanks to Walt Disney World, is probably the most iconic castle in the world. Was that a daunting proposition?

Yes, absolutely. Especially when you start to study both castles. Like the [Imagineer] Herb Ryman castle in Florida evokes the castle from the film but when you really look at them, they’re completely different. You almost see them as the same thing in your mind. The castle from the film was a little amorphous. It’s a little dreamlike because it was her dream. So I wanted to bring it a little more into the real world and just solidify some of the design for myself. I always saw it one way in my head and when you watch it in the movie, it’s not at all like the Ryman castle but they’re still similar. I wanted to bridge the two.


For Disney fans, there’s so many Easter eggs in this piece, between the star and the clock at midnight and you being able to see her coming out of the castle. How important was it to you to get all that stuff in?

That’s the ultimate importance, because that’s the storytelling of it. Seeing all those things, as much as this is a single image, I wanted to evoke all the character and all of the emotions of the film itself and of that scene. The storytelling aspects, like all things Disney, are what elevate it beyond a pretty picture or a pretty castle. I think the details are what make it real.


I don’t think it’s much of a leap to assume that you’ll be doing more Disney pieces for Cyclops.

That’s a good guess. We talk a lot about it. Seeing the breadth of the catalogue is daunting in and of itself, to be honest. I’m trying to approach it from what I want to see. Like the Cinderella piece, I want to present those classic pieces from the movie but in a new way.



Posted 6 years Ago
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