Exclusive: Joe Dunn’s Futuristic Tomorrowland Print

It’s no secret that we love Cyclops Print Works, your home for incredible, exclusive licensed prints based on Disney properties. They have put out an incredible run of limited edition artwork, most of which is hanging on our wall right now. And they have a pair of truly amazing pieces coming out this week – a Mark Englert print based on Aladdin (perfectly echoing his recent Beauty and the Beast piece) and another, equally stunning print based on Brad Bird’s recent mystery adventure Tomorrowland by Joe Dunn.


We had lunch with Dunn, who is, by a day, a marketing art director for Walt Disney Animation Studio, and he told us about the creation of the piece. He said that he was a fan of Bird’s Tomorrowland, but also wanted to incorporate elements from the Tomorrowland in the parks (that don’t appear in the final film). He told me that when he first went to Walt Disney World in the mid-seventies, he was so enchanted by Space Mountain that he tried to boat there from the Polynesian Resort. (He didn’t get very close.) And this kind of appreciation is evident in the final piece, where you can see iconic park landmarks like the Disneyland PeopleMover, Monsanto House of the Future, and the rocket from Flight to the Moon, alongside equally memorable images from the feature film, including the observation deck (powered by tachyon energy), the floating monorail, jetpacks, and the movie’s version of Space Mountain. We particularly love the glitch, gear-heavy element in the background (a last-minute addition according to Dunn). It’s just gorgeous.


And it can be yours – starting tomorrow at noon pacific time. There are only 164 prints, so get there early or the only way you’ll be able to get them is by using some kind of time travel device.

Tomorrowland Final Ad

Posted 6 years Ago
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