Exclusive: Jason Ritter’s Guide to Surviving the Gravity Falls Apocalypse

Gravity Falls fans, “Weirdmageddon” is upon us. Tonight the multi-part, apocalyptic story arc begins when Bill Cipher rips into reality, wreaking havoc with new, bizarre monsters by his side. Naturally, Dipper and Mabel may the the town’s only hope. (Gulp.)



To help us prepare for the aforementioned impending doom, Jason Ritter (Dipper) put together his list of 5 must-haves for the apocalypse. Not that you’ll need them … we hope.


1. You’re going to be doing some hiding. Lots and lots of hiding. Who knows what terrifying things are out there contributing to the world’s end? You’re going to want to do your best NOT to find out. Making sure you can weep completely silently is always a great skill to have in the apocalypse.

2. Make-up remover! As fun as it is to roam the streets looking cool with your new post-apocalyptic pack of friends (pick a fun theme!), at the end of the day all that eye shadow can do a number on your skin. Don’t forget to moisturize!

3. Bring a pack of cards! Tensions can rise as you’re scouring the scorched wasteland of places you once held dear for food and water, and nothing breaks the ice like that one magic trick you learned at camp when you were 10. And you can come up with new games! Have fun with it! Who said the end of everything had to be a non-stop frown-fest?

4. Pretend none of it is really happening every once in a while for a fun little break. Everything looks a little better now, huh? It feels like you’re the star of your own movie! Maybe you’re a superhuman who doesn’t require sustenance. Maybe everybody’s just super committed to nap time. The possibilities are endless!

5. Most importantly: Remember to bring plenty of llama chapstick. Some say that’s all you’ll ever need to be prepared for the alpaca lips.


We’ll be tuning into Gravity Falls tonight at 8—will you? Until then, we’ll leave you with this:

Posted 5 years Ago
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