Exclusive: Mark Englert’s The Good Dinosaur-Inspired Print

This week Disney•Pixar’s latest marvel, The Good Dinosaur, debuts nationwide. And in celebration of the film, our good friends at Cyclops Print Works are releasing an accompanying print inspired by the film, illustrated by one of our favorite artists, Mark Englert. And truth be told, the illustration (like the film) is awesome, and we’re thrilled to debut the variant version of the print (both are available this Friday).


Englert’s The Good Dinosaur print, like the film, is equal parts beautiful and dangerous. Our lead dinosaur, Arlo, takes center stage, with his human companion Spot perched atop his back. The Claw Tooth Mountains, a very important setting for the film, are in the back, and a venomous creature hangs overhead (yes, those are pterodactyls in the background).


We spoke with Englert via email, who said that he was “so happy to be working with Pixar.” He explained: “My Dad loved taking me to animation festivals when I was a kid and I vividly remember seeing ‘Luxo Jr.,’ ‘Tin Toy,’ and ‘Knick Knack’ all of which just blew my young mind … something that’s continued to this day as I failed to hold in tears during Inside Out.” Englert described the composition of the piece beautifully, saying, “I really wanted to set this piece inside the confines of Arlo’s fear, with a look out into the great, big, exciting, Mesozoic world out there for him to explore.” And fans of Englert, who has become known for his gorgeous, ultra-widescreen vistas (like the one he contributed to the Art Awakens), might be pleased to know that he’s gone with a more traditional route for his The Good Dinosaur piece. Turns out that his signature style was almost utilized. “The ultra-wide format I usually work in was my backup plan, but it turned out the folks at Pixar liked this idea, so I ran with it!”


Good Dino Regular


The regular edition of The Good Dinosaur print has a run of 335, while the variant only has a run of 100. They are both 24” by 36” and will go on sale on Friday at 12 p.m. EST at CyclopsPrintWorks.com. Get yours before they go extinct, and don’t miss Disney•Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, in theaters now.

Posted 6 years Ago
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