Exclusive: Brand New Art Prints Inspired by Inside Out

It’s no secret that Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out, currently an Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Screenplay, was one of our favorite movies of the year. The movie had so much heart and was so playful and inventive that it feels like a new animated classic, one that will be treasured for generations to come. It also made us want some really great art prints inspired by the film. That’s where our friends at Cyclops Print Works come in. They are releasing two brand new Inside Out-inspired art prints on February 5 at noon (Pacific time) and we are beyond thrilled to debut them, exclusively, right here.

Inside Out Tom Whalen Full

The first print is a poster from Tom Whalen, who has done equally mind-shattering prints based on other Disney and Disney•Pixar films (most recently Lilo & Stitch). The twelve-color print is 24” x 36” and has a hand-numbered run of 330. (We’ve also heard there will be some emotion-inspired variants.) “I arrived at the final design you see after a longer-than-usual experimentation process. I can usually distill the essence of a film pretty quickly, but Inside Out proved a bit more challenging. I recall watching the film for the first time and enjoying all of the metaphor that was at play between the way the emotions behaved and Riley’s actions. I wanted a little bit of that metaphor to come into play in this poster,” Whalen explained to us. Whalen added: “Overall, this was a project that asked me to dig a bit deeper in order to produce an end result that’s worthy of an incredible film.” What we love the most about this, done in Whalen’s gorgeous, warm graphic style, is how much of the film it actually includes in a single poster: there are the memories, the personality islands, Riley’s old life and new life, all of the emotions. About the only thing missing is Bing Bong (although you can see him in one of the orbs, if you look hard enough) …

Bing Bong Dave Perillo

… Speaking of Bing Bong, the second print is from Dave Perillo, who brings Riley and Bing Bong’s song to life. Featuring all of the lyrics from the ear worm-y ode to everyone’s favorite imaginary friend, plus stylized renditions of young Riley and Bing Bong, the seven-color print is 10” x 20” and has a hand-numbered run of 250. We reached out to Perillo, who had this to say about his serigraph: “After seeing Inside Out, Bing Bong was my favorite part of the movie. I found it so interesting exploring what becomes of a child’s imaginary friend as she would get older. I wanted to approach this piece in the style and tone of a children’s book, something that you might see in a vintage Golden Book. The biggest challenge was translating a three-dimensional animated character to work as a flat two dimensional imagery.” Well, Perillo clearly triumphed over that challenge.


Again: these joyous limited-edition serigraphs are available on February 5, along with an equally jaw-dropping new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs print, at noon (Pacific). Get them before they’re just a memory.

Posted 6 years Ago
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