Exclusive: See Andy Fairhurst’s Gorgeous May the 4th Print from Bottleneck Gallery

There is going to be a ton of amazing stuff coming out for May the 4th, the day that Star Wars fans use to celebrate their favorite franchise. Between the exclusive Rogue One: A Star Wars Story merchandise at the Disney Parks, and additional, officially licensed products that will be on sale, it will be an absolute smorgasbord for Star Wars fans (a group that has grown exponentially since the record-breaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened last December). And we are thrilled to be able to exclusively debut one of these May the 4th pieces, right here.


Bottleneck Gallery is an amazing gallery in Brooklyn and over the past few months they have put out some of the greatest, officially licensed Star Wars prints out there. (These prints, it should be noted, are released in conjunction with Acme Archives.) And their May the 4th piece is no exception. It’s a lovely piece by Andy Fairhurst, a British artist (in his email, he spelled color with a u), that captures the beautiful simplicity of everybody’s favorite new droid, BB-8.

I exchanged emails with Andy (remember: he lives overseas), where he talked about his inspiration for the piece, why he chose BB-8, and whether or not we should expect more Star Wars pieces from him in the not-too-distant future. After the interview, we’ll share the exclusive release details.     

There was no shortage of memorable characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. How did you decide on BB-8?

I loved The Force Awakens, and the characters of both Finn and Rey are brilliant in my opinion. But I felt BB-8 was instantly iconic, almost as iconic (dare I say it) as R2-D2.

Once you chose BB-8, how did you decide on the design for your print?

I tend to work with a symmetrical composition a lot of the time, like I have in my previous Star Wars Perspectives sets done for Bottleneck Gallery and the shape of BB-8 lent itself to my way of working perfectly.

Where did the idea to have the “lens flare” make an 8 come from?

I admit to being a bit of a fan of lens flare and the shape was more of a visual pun, replicating the shape of BB-8.  It’s not actually supposed to be the number 8 but that is also cool if you see that; and a tribute to J.J. Abrams, who as we know, is known for a bit of lens flare now and then.

What is it like having your piece be Bottleneck’s big May the 4th release? Any added pressure?

It’s always pressure when I have something released through Bottleneck Gallery as they work with so many brilliant artists. As a lifelong fan of Star Wars though I feel a massive sense of pride and honor being able to work on anything to do with Star Wars, more than pressure. The only pressure I have is that I hope people will like it.

Do you have a favorite piece of Star Wars art?

I’m a massive fan of Grzegorz Domaradzki’s (aka Gabz) Star Wars print from Bottleneck Gallery. I also love anything done by the master Drew Struzan … that goes without saying. I have to say that I’m a mega fan of an awful lot of Star Wars artwork out there, there are too many to mention.

Should we be expecting more Star Wars pieces from you?

I have a third Star Wars Perspectives set coming up later in the year with Bottleneck, which I am excited about. And with Rogue One and Episode VIII coming up, I only hope to be doing more.

Here are the release details:

Where Do You Come From?

16 x 20 inches

Numbered edition of 150


The print will go on sale at noon EST on the Bottleneck Gallery website. Snap it up quick. And may the Force be with you.

And while celebrating May the 4th, keep in mind that some of your favorite Star Wars characters are now Tsum Tsum!

Posted 5 years Ago
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