Exclusive: Two More Eggs Season 2 Launch Date Revealed Plus Watch a Brand New Short

If you’ve seen Two More Eggs, the deliriously funny short-form series from web animation pioneers The Brothers Chaps (Mike and Matt Chapman), then you know that it is a surreal mixture of wildly varying animation techniques and gonzo humor. But what you might not know is that the series is coming back for a second season–and you can watch the very first installment right now.

The second season begins on Monday, June 13, on the Disney XD app, DisneyXD website, and Disney XD’s YouTube Channel. And it’s going to be great.

We are so proud to exclusively debut the first short. Entitled “She Whispered,” it’s a stark, heavily processed black and white video for a Bon Iver-like singer-songwriter named Beard-Antler. This would have probably been funny enough on its own, but in this installment, Two More Eggs signature character Dooble interrupts the very self-serious video to offer his own lyrics. It’s a scream. And you’ll probably be singing the song for the rest of the day.


But what’s in store for season two of the series? We reached out to The Brothers Chaps, who in addition to Two More Eggs were responsible for the groundbreaking animated web series Homestar Runner. We asked them what five things folks can expect from the second season. Their answer was very Two More Eggs-y:

  • Meet Dooble’s nemesis
  • Raw chicken
  • Wall to wall gopher paste
  • So many zooms!
  • Find out once and for all whether or not ‘Spoons’ is a science!!

So there you have it: Dooble’s nemesis, raw chicken, and zooms. (Also: anyone know what gopher paste is?)

Two More Eggs, produced by The Brothers Chaps’ Citywide Hoop Champs, Inc. in association with Disney Television Animation, returns on Monday, June 13.

Posted 5 years Ago
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