Six Things You May Have Missed in Disney Pixar’s Credit Sequences

One of the cardinal rules of watching a Pixar movie is that you definitely should stay through the end credits. Whether it’s for the stunning visuals or funny gags, pretty much every Pixar end credits sequence has something unique and interesting. Here are a few things worth watching out for!

1. Bloopers – Bloopers are a common staple of many an end credits sequence, and Pixar movies are no exception. However, the Pixar bloopers are extra special when you realize the fact that yes, people had to develop the script, animate, produce, voice, and just generally put tender love and care into making them, which in actuality makes them not bloopers at all! Here are some that are featured in Toy Story 2:



2. Babies! – From the lighters to the editors, the sculptors to the character designers, the café workers to the janitors, Pixar has a lot of people to credit for their beautiful films. And yes, this list even includes babies! Each Pixar movie takes around 4-6 years to make, and a fair amount of crew members have babies during this time. The “production babies” section of the credits serves to highlight these births and is a cute dedication of sorts that the families can look back on later. Here are the babies that were born during the making of The Good Dinosaur.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.32.59 PM

3. Easter Egg Moments – Just like how some of the Pixar films feature teases to Pixar movies (Dug can be seen in Ratatouille, Boo holds up a Nemo plush in Monsters, Inc.), some of the end credit scenes of Pixar films also feature characters Pixar fans know and love. For example, Mike can be seen swimming at the end of the credits in Finding Nemo. In Cars, the cars go to a drive-in where Cars-ified versions of Toy Story and other Pixar movies can be seen on the big screen.



4. Glimpses Into the Future – The end credits of some Pixar movies can serve as a crystal ball to what lies ahead. In Monsters University, the slug seen earlier in the film is still rushing to class. Inside Out gives a glimpse as to what might be going on in other people’s and animal’s heads. Toy Story 3 shows us what life is like for the toys in Bonnie’s room (and features a fiery tango from the one and only Buzz Lightyear.) Finally, UP uses polaroids and knick-knacky charm to touch our hearts even more than we thought possible.


5. Touching Statements – When Brave was released in June 2012, the studio used the film’s mystical wisps to make a small, but touching tribute to Apple CEO and studio co-founder, Steve Jobs.


6. Cool Art Styles – Although Pixar’s movies are CGI-animated, the credits have served as a place for the studio to play with other styles of animation and art. Perhaps the most stunning example of this can be seen in the WALL•E credits. Starting from the Stone Age and moving through everything from Impressionist to 8-bit, the credits are not only aesthetically-pleasing, but also an art history lesson in a sequence.


Which Disney•Pixar movie has your favorite credits? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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