10 Things We Love from the Shop Disney Parks App

The Shop Disney Parks app, released last year, is quietly revolutionary giving those who aren’t close enough to Walt Disney World a way to check in up on, and purchase, new merchandise and order park-exclusive items from home (with very reasonable shipping options). When using the app inside of Walt Disney World, it takes on an added dimension–not only can you locate an item that you want (letting you know that the sweet Figment hat you’ve had your eye on can be purchased at the Imagination Pavilion retail space) but you can actually purchase things and have them waiting for you as you leave the park or back at your on-site hotel.

Quite frankly, the whole thing is downright magical. (You can get the Shop Disney Parks app at the App store and from Google play.)

And with the Shop Disney Parks premiere of the Fantasyland Tsum Tsum series on July 8, we thought we’d look at ten items you can get from the Shop Disney Parks app that we are totally obsessed with.

1.Fantasyland Tsum Tsums


Mr. Toad Tsum Tsum

These are adorable. In the tradition of the Disney Parks vehicles, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean Tsums, these Fantasyland-inspired plush are truly magical (out on July 8). While we can’t reveal all of the Fantasyland Tsum Tsum characters, we can say that the hippo from “it’s a small world,” Mr. Toad from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (pictured above), and one of the horses from King Arthur Carousel will be a part of the assortment. (Keep your eyes peeled to the Shop Disney Parks app for further reveals.) As the Disney Parks vehicles line of Tsum Tsums taught us, anthropomorphized versions of the Disney Parks attractions are the cutest.

2. Soarin’ Sweatshirt

Soarin' Sweatshirt

Just in time for the release of Soarin’ Around the World at Disney California Adventure and Epcot (and Soaring Over the Horizon at Shanghai Disneyland) comes this super stylish sweatshirt. There’s a lot to love about this sweatshirt: the monochromatic color scheme, the subtle design, the extreme comfortableness, and the fact that places from the new Soarin’ Around the World attraction are snuck into each letter (hello Sydney Opera House!) This is the kind of sweatshirt you can wear anywhere, at any time. It’s that cool.

3. Magic Kingdom Magnet

Magic Kingdom Magnet

You don’t immediately think of magnets as must-have merchandise, but this Magic Kingdom magnet is great. I love the attention to detail, the inclusion of the iconic partners statue, the “established 1971” qualifier, and the intricate, turn-of-the-century tintype design aesthetic.

4. Polynesian Totem Figurine

Polynesian Tiki Statue

The higher-end statues that the Disney Parks have been releasing are totally incredible (the flawless Haunted Mansion “stretching portrait” statues nearly made this list), but there’s something super special about this Polynesian Totem Figurine. Resort-specific merchandise is always the best, and this is the best of the best. The figurine is modeled after the totem from the main lobby of the Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World, and it’s flanked by two Tiki torches that, when you flick the switch, flicker like real fire. It’s impressively modeled, beautifully designed, and totally charming.

5. The Great Movie Ride Sign

Great Movie Ride Sign

You’ve probably seen sign replicas before and you’ve probably thought they were really cool (there’s a metal Tomorrowland sign), but there’s something next level awesome about this Great Movie Ride sign. The sign looks exactly like the sign that adorned the opening day attraction. It is pretty much perfect. The ride is still the centerpiece attraction for the ever-evolving park, and the little touches like the faux neon piping and the descriptive subtitle (“A spectacular journey into the movies”) really puts it over the edge. This is something that I would proudly hang on my wall, or put in my cubicle to annoy my coworkers.

6. Spaceship Earth Mug

Epcot Mug

There are only three words that describe this coffee mug, which is shaped like Epcot’s iconic Spaceship Earth attraction: greatest … mug … ever. I think you’ll agree.

7. Shanghai Disneyland iPhone 6 Case

Shanghai iPhone Case

Even if you can’t get over to the fabulous, recently opened Shanghai Disney Resort, you can still show your support by rocking this awesome Shanghai Disneyland phone case. It’s a simple, beautiful design, with a stylized version of the Enchanted Storybook Castle (the biggest Disney castle in the world), with fireworks exploding in the background and Mickey’s silhouette in the center of the image. The name of the resort is in represented in English and Mandarin. This phone case is awesome in either language.

8. Walt Disney World Monorail Set

Monorail Play Set

Train sets are always cool (just think about that miniature train set in Epcot’s Germany pavilion), and it’s even cooler when it’s a Disney monorail. This set features a loop of monorail track, a monorail train, and several Disney characters (ready to make their way to one of the resorts, the Ticket and Transportation Center, the Magic Kingdom, or Epcot). What’s great, too, is that you can add to this base set by purchasing the Contemporary Resort accessory (your toy monorail passes through it, just like the real monorail), the Magic Kingdom castle or the Spaceship Earth accessory. (You can also buy additional track.) If you get really into your model monorail, you can track down other pieces that have been discontinued.

9. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Pandora Charm

Animal Kingdom Charm

Pandora’s partnership with Disney has produced some truly incredible charms, like the Epcot charm that features the monorail going around the outside of Spaceship Earth (it’s so cool), but this charm, an ode to Disney’s Animal Kingdom resort, is definitely worth highlighting. The charm features the original logo for the park, with the very first font and the array of silhouetted animal shapes that correspond to different parts of the park. (The dragon was there for the proposed Beastly Kingdom section of the park.) The green on the Tree of Life is also a super nice touch, too.

10. Orange Bird Tee

Orange Bird Tee

Orange Bird is a character that was devised specifically for Walt Disney World, in a unique collaboration between Disney and the Florida Citrus Commission, and has been a favorite of Walt Disney World enthusiasts since the park opened. So every bit of Orange Bird merchandise is seized upon by fans of the character, of Walt Disney World, and of Sunshine Tree Terrace (the Adventureland establishment where the character first appeared). There has been more Orange Bird merchandise in the past few years, like a nifty figurine and an Orange Bird-emblazoned Magic Band (both available on the Shop Disney Parks app), but this tee is an adorable shirt that is only available in Walt Disney World … and the Shop Disney Parks app.

And remember: you can get the Shop Disney Parks app at the App store and from Google play.

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