10 Hidden Mickeys We Found in the Real World

If you are a Disney fan (and you’re reading this right now, so we assume you are), the world of Disney seems to be all around you. Sometimes a simple question or overheard conversation can spark a full-blown musical number, leaving your friends and family members thinking, “Wow! What a talent!”

The most common real life Disney-happening is the appearance of the Hidden Mickey! Hidden Mickeys appear everywhere—throughout the Parks, in movies, and even in your everyday life! To celebrate the amazingness of the Hidden Mickey, here are 9 Hidden Mickeys we found in our everyday lives:

1 . Can you spot it in these donuts?

Here it is!

2. Look what we found while we were cooking!

Hey, Mickey!

3. Check out who showed up when we were out shopping!

Mickey is everywhere!

4. Anyone want some cereal?

What are you doing there?

5. Amazing art on the office wall…

…or Mickey in plain sight!?

6. Here’s a picture of our adorable dog…

…our adorable dog who happens to sport a Hidden Mickey.

7. Oops, spilled some coffee. :(

No worries! Mickey is here to cheer us up!

8. Dry your hands …

… but watch out for Mickey!


9. Some change fell out of our wallet …

… and almost landed on Mickey!

10. What a beautiful view of the hills …

… and Mickey!

See! If you look hard enough, Hidden Mickeys truly are everywhere!

Also, Happy April Fools’ Day!

Posted 5 years Ago
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