One Photo, Six Filters: Beast’s Castle

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but what if you apply six different filters to it? Does that mean it’s worth 6,000 words? Or does a filter make it exponential? And who is ‘they’ anyway? While you’re trying to figure out the answers, take a glance at our six variations on a photo taken of the Beast’s Castle in New Fantasyland.


1. Beast’s Castle is so… SKETCHY. Have you seen those gargoyles?

Beauty and the Beast Castle Sketch


2. Beast’s Castle is so… 8-BIT. Paging Wreck-It-Ralph.

Beauty and the Beast Castle Pixels


3. Beast’s Castle is so… NEGATIVE. We’re talking camera filters, people!

Beauty and the Beast Castle Invert


4. Beast’s Castle is so… EXPLOSIVE. Only when you enter the west wing, of course.

Beauty and the Beast Castle Explosion


5. Beast’s Castle is so… MYSTERIOUS. Talking candelabras and floating roses?! Need we say more…

Beauty and the Beast Castle Aged


6. Beast’s Castle is so… ANCIENT. Well it is based off of a tale as old as time, ya know. #WeWentThere

Beauty and the Beast Castle Ancient Canvas


Of course, the best filter for Beast’s Castle is called REAL LIFE. Yup, it exists and you can go there via New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom (natch!).

And, while you’re visiting, be sure to try the grey stuff. We hear it’s delicious!


Posted 8 years Ago
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