Disney Villains on a Scale From 1 to “Oh No They Didn’t”

The Disney Villains are all bad in their own maniacal, conspiring, fabulous way. But they each have some pretty evil “oh no they didn’t!” moments, which we’re about to rank right now…

Hades – 8

Hades in Hercules

It’s tough not to give this lord of the underworld a “10” because he sort of orchestrated the kidnap of the baby version of one of our favorite heroes. Luckily for Hades, his one-liners are just too good for him to be 100% bad.


Maleficent – 9

Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty

The only thing Maleficent pulls off better than an evil plot is a black and purple cloak. Despite her elegance, she’s a party crasher, baby-napper, prince locker-upper, and eventually, a dragon. That’s why she gets an “oh no they didn’t” score of 9/10.


Scar – 10

Scar in The Lion King

Scar gets the highest possible score mostly because of that moment where Mufasa *thinks* his less-kingly brother is going to help him to keep from falling down into the wildebeast-filled gorge. That was just messed up.


Cruella De Vil – 7

Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmations

Cruella is mean to animals, which we really can’t stand for. The thing is, she doesn’t actually pull anything off because her sidekicks are a bit lacking in the brains department. Points for evil effort, though, and for being the inspiration for one of the best villains anthems.


Captain Hook – 5

Captain Hook fighting Peter Pan

Here’s another classic Disney villain who is a lot of bark and not so much bite. He’s got all the potential for evil with his hook hand and, duh, being a pirate, but is actually more of a comedic foil for Peter the whole time.


Ursula – 8

Ursula in The Little Mermaid

Ursula gets extra villain points for using her witchy powers for evil instead of good. She could have helped Ariel find true love, but instead offers her a bad deal, then works extra hard to sabotage it when it looks like true love might triumph anyways. Oh no she didn’t.

Posted 9 years Ago
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