We Dare You Not To Cry: The Most Blubber Cry-Worthy Pixar Moments

That title was probably explanation enough. Let the blubber crying begin!


Everything Carl and Ellie

Pixar Moments_UP_Carl and Ellie Young

Pixar Moments_Up_Carl and Ellie

It’s just too sad. We don’t want to think about it anymore right now. That’s all we can really say about Carl and Ellie when there’s so many more great/sad moments to talk about.


Andy Says Goodbye to Woody

Pixar Moments_Toy Story_Woody and Andy

This one hits close to home since we’ve seen how hard Woody has always worked to be there for Andy. After seeing Toy Story 3 through tearful 3D glasses, we bet you all ran home to be sure your favorite toy was still safe on the shelf or in a toybox.


Sulley Says Goodbye to Boo

Pixar Moments_Monsters Inc_Sulley and Boo
This one is a two or three-parter, because you start getting teary when Sulley is finally able to get Boo back home, then a little sniffly when Boo tries to open the door after he leaves. BUT THEN, when Mike shows Sulley Boo’s reconstructed door and he opens it to an adorable VO from Boo, “Kitty!” resistance is futile, there is no not crying.


EVE Reactivates WALL·E

Pixar Moments_WALLE_EVE and WALLE
The fact that EVE tried to save WALL·E was blubber cry-worthy enough, then when her attempt saves him, but not his memory—it’s all just too much for our tear ducts to handle. Thank goodness for a robot kiss that reactivates him–the robot version of that magical fix-all. Well done, Pixar.


Carl Gives Russell the Ellie Badge

Pixar Moments_UP_Carl Fredricksen
Carl needed a new pal as much as Russell needed someone to help him earn his last badge. The result is an unlikely duo of adventurers that has us getting a bit teary-eyed.


Jessie Remembers Emily

Pixar Moments_Toy Story_Jessie
The lighting, the falling leaves, the chance for a rekindled relationship, that brilliant “When She Loved Me” song: put it all together and you have one of the most heartbreaking montages we can think of.


The Beginning of Finding Nemo

Pixar Moments_Finding Nemo_Nemo
Andrew Stanton and crew didn’t even let us relax for a few minutes and enjoy the animation before they tugged at our collective heart strings. But what better way to demonstrate how big and scary the ocean is, and how much Marlin loves his son, Nemo, than the blubber cry-worthy intro to Finding Nemo.


Ok, this one is just too good…

Pixar Moments_Toy Story_Woody

…we had to mention Toy Story 3 again. Good thing Bonnie is so cute and imaginative, otherwise we might not have been able to handle Andy’s toy hand-off.

Posted 9 years Ago
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