Brave is Great, Here’s Why

The rolling Scottish Highlands. Those ephemeral wisps. That tear-jerking mother-daughter plot. And of course, the big star of the film—Merida’s crazy, curly hair. Brave boasted some pretty amazing animation and technical achievements; let’s take a look at why it’s one of our favorite Pixar films:


The Setting Is Gorgeous

Brave Standing Stones Scotland

Brave Environment research

When Pixar sets out to make a film, they don’t just talk the animation talk. They send their filmmakers out to study the place they’ll be bringing to life on the big screen. That means trips to the sewers of Paris, racetracks, the bottom of the ocean, or in this case, the Scottish Highlands, castles, and the Standing Stones of Scotland. Pro Tip: research!


We Love The Hero

Merida Brave Visual Development Art

Merida is feisty, fierce, and she wants her freedom. We love her amazing red hair and even more amazing archery skills. You have to love a hero who is willing to take her fate into her own hands, and who is capable of admitting when she’s made a mistake. That said, the best part about Merida might just be her Scottish brogue which we could listen to (and impersonate) all day.


Style. Brave Has It.

Brave Filmmakers at Pixar Kilt Friday

Pixar Filmmakers Brave

Merida Dress Visual Development Art

Fabric is one of the toughest things to animate, and Brave is brimming with it from kilts, to gowns, to tapestries. Pixar animators dressed like Merida and the lords to understand the movement of those thick layers of fabric. They even invented completely new tartan patterns for the film!


That Hair!

Merida hair simulation Brave

Merida from Brave

Even more challenging to animate than yards of fabric is hair, specifically the untamed, red, curly mane of hair that adorns Brave’s hero, Merida. It took Pixar years to create the technology to simulate such a complex system of curls, a process that involved wearing a Merida wig, studying real life curly locks, and Newtonian mechanics.


It’s Action-Packed
Brave Arrow gif
If you get our point.

The Triplets Are Adorable

Brave Triplets Visual Development Art

Brave Triplets

Just look at them! They don’t even have to speak to totally steal the show. Things get a little serious around the Merida/Mom/”But why a bear?” plot, so we’re thankful that these cute, curly-topped, dessert-thieves were able to add a little extra funny to the film.


It Has Heart

Merida tapestry Brave

We’ll just say that we laughed, we cried, we cried a whole lot more, then we watched it again.

Posted 7 years Ago
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