Oscar Fashion: Disney Princess Edition

Sure, we all tune in to the Oscars to celebrate the best and brightest in film over the past year. BUT, we all secretly know what our favorite part of this evening will be… Oscars fashion. For a moment, imagine a world where our very own Disney princesses walked the red carpet. Here, we’ll help you out with some Disney Princess red carpet fashion commentary.


Princess Aurora

We love the fit of Aurora’s gown but we’re torn as to whether it would have looked better in blue. Or, maybe pink is actually her best color. But then again… blue! Anyway, you don’t see a such a bold shoulder situation at every award show, well played, Princess Aurora. Way to work it.



Belle is hopping on the gold bandwagon, but who could blame her, really. That bright shade is a great contrast to her darker hair, and we love that it matches the gold details in her date’s outfit. All of that reading has really helped hone her eye for detail. The full-skirted ball gown was a bold move, but this small town girl pulls it off just fine.



Cinderella’s fashion is flawless—whoever picked that dress for her is like a fashion fairy godmother, because it is perfect from fit to color. We only wish we had an occasion to wear something so sparkly. We’re also fans of her restraint with accessories by choosing a simple choker instead of yards of diamonds. Glass slippers are a bit much, but if you can’t wear them to the Oscars, when can you?


Princess Jasmine

Jasmine took a risk with harem pants. This isn’t the Grammy’s or the Globes, Princess, this is the big times. We can’t fault her color choice, though. That turquoise is just beautiful and really makes her gold accessories pop. Her stylist might need to reign it in a bit—bringing a tiger down the red carpet is a bit of a diva move as well.



Even though Rapunzel is new in town, fresh out of her tower, it’s great that someone filled her in on the appropriate footwear. Cute dress, of course, and her hair is our favorite; best updo of the season, best use of fresh flowers! (P.S. You can learn how to make Rapunzel’s braided hairstyle yours.)


Princess Tiana

Tiana’s off-the-shoulder look is a far cry from the yellow work suit and hat we usually see her in, and all we can say is “WOW.” We’re digging the return to matching gloves—a classic choice, or perhaps a necessary accessory when being escorted down the red carpet by a frog. The tiara might be a bit much, except we know this girl worked hard to get where she is. So kudos to you, Tiana.


Posted 9 years Ago
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