Disney Damsels, Not in Distress

A damsel doesn’t always need saving. Sometimes she’s just off to the side, kicking butt. Sometimes she can fend for herself. In fact, sometimes she even does some saving of her own. Megara really nailed it when she said: “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day!” But we’ve gotten a little ahead of ourselves.


The following is a fact that we need you to know before we continue: March is National Women’s History Month in the United States. There are some pretty rough-and-tough ladies to be found in Disney movie (and television) history, and the first day of this month seemed like the perfect excuse to celebrate some of the fiercest Disney and Disney•Pixar females.


Without further adieu, here they are in all their eternally impressive glory:


Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland Mia
Going up against the Red Queen? NBD. Dealing with a world where everything is nonsense? Handles it like a champ. Never losing her imagination, no matter what? Obvi.


Angelica from Pirates of the Caribbean
Angelica Pirates of the Caribbean
Lady pirate alert. This one can stand up to Captain Jack and still maintain her fictions. (Jack’s words, not ours.)


Belle and Mrs. Potts
This undeniable beauty has brains to spare and an envy-worthy imagination. She also stands up to the Beast, tells off Gaston, defends the honor of her father, and turns out to be the one to break the spell. (Oops. Too late spoiler alert.) You go, girl.


Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck
Have you ever watched Daisy with Donald? Try it and you won’t even need us to explain this choice. But, just for fun, she’s sassy with some extra sass on the side.


Edna Mode The Incredibles
She’s the fashion legend behind high tech superhero couture. As if that wasn’t enough, she also says this: “Confront the problem! Fight! Win!”


Eve from WallE
She means business, directive. No (ro)buts about it.


Tarzan Jane
She braves the jungle, even after some monkeys take her boot! Plus there’s that bit where she fights for the defenseless and tries to learn something about a culture that’s different from her own.


Kim Possible
Kim Possible
You can’t stop her ‘cause she’s Kim Possible. There’s also nothing she can’t do, and when danger calls you’ll know that she’s on her way. (Theme song stuck in your head, much?)


Lilo from Lilo and Stitch
This is a little lady who makes her own dolls, prefers Elvis to pop, and has a heart the size of Hawaii. She also has age-defying vocabulary and logic abilities. Don’t believe us? Go rewatch the scene in which she talks about Thursdays and giving her fish a sandwich. She uses the word abomination, so . . .


Marie from The Aristocats
Marie from the Aristocats
She’s the originator of the following quote: “Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.” We rest our case.


Megara from Hercules
Megara Hercules
Well, there’s the aforementioned statement about being a damsel and being totally on top of it. Then there’s the part where she stands up to the head of the Underworld. Take that, Hades!


Merida Brave
She shoots for her own hand. Real talk.


Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse
This lady is anything but mousey. (Yes, we’re giving ourselves an imaginary high five for that pun.) She holds her own and she never goes anywhere without that sense of style. Some might say it’s that style that makes her dots of fun. (We’ll stop now. Maybe.)


Mrs. Banks
Mrs. Banks Mary Poppins
This soldier in petticoats was decades ahead of her time with one of the most female-empowering anthems ever written. Well done, sister suffragette.


She’s a Hun-defeating, Emperor-greeting, destiny-meeting maven. Enough said.


As the daughter of the chief, we’re sure she was under a fair amount of parental pressure. But she never gives up the right to explore the world and try to make everyone paint with all the colors of the wind. Bonus points for having a hummingbird on her side. No real reason, it just seems cool.


Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland
Okay, we know this one is a little… villainous. But hear us out. She’s fierce, she’s in charge of the kingdom in Wonderland, and all ways are her ways.


Rapunzel Tangled Frying Pan
She has a frying pan and she’s not afraid to use it. She also does everything that everyone else does but with feet and feet of hair to maintain. #Impressive


Roz Monsters Inc.
She’s the controller of paperwork, defender of process, and has a “take no prisoners” kind of attitude. She also sees all, which is hardcore. And important to remember.


Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell from Peter Pan
She saves Peter with just quick thinking and a touch of sacrifice, all the while being mischievous and communicating without talking. What a “no words, no nonsense” multitasker.


Ladies, we salute you. Today. This month. And always.

Posted 8 years Ago
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