Disney Sneeze GIFs: The Best Thing You’ll See Today

It happens to all of us. Sometimes you just can’t hold in that impending achoo. Just for fun, we found some of the most adorable/funniest/silliest Disney sneezes and made them into GIFs. You’re welcome.


Baby elephants are the best. Baby elephants sneezing? We can’t even handle it.

Dumbo the baby elephant sneeze GIF


Captain Hook isn’t nearly as terrifying when he looks like this.

Captain Hook from Peter Pan sneeze GIF


We feel terrible laughing, but this is just too funny.

The Fox and the Hound Caterpillar Sneeze GIF


Oh, Simba. We’re dead of cute.

Simba from The Lion King Sneeze GIF


Giant Alice, giant sneeze.

Alice from Alice in Wonderland Sneeze GIF


This is why you’re supposed to cover your mouth.

Maurice from Beauty and the Beast Sneeze GIF


Even her friends can’t believe how cute this baby rabbit sneeze is.

Baby Rabbit from Robin Hood Sneeze GIF


Figaro is all about the sympathy sneeze.

Gepetto and Figaro from Pinocchio Sneeze GIF


Last but not least, the sneeze’s ever-charming namesake.

Sneezy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Sneeze GIF


We hope you’ve enjoyed watching these incredibly adorable GIFs as much as we enjoyed researching and making them. If you currently have a case of the sniffles, some of our other Disney friends have ideas on how to cure those pesky sneezes.

Posted 9 years Ago
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