It is all sorts of Disney magic when the meant-to-be couple unites and everything is wonderful. But it can be a challenging road to happily ever after. Sometimes a romantic interlude falls flat on its face. Just like these:

Bernard and Bianca

He had everything. Twilight. Water. Beautiful foliage. But then there was Jake. (And worse, a snake.)

romantic moments rescuers down under


Tito and Georgette

Oh Tito had this one. They were dancing. They were flirting. And then . . . Georgette gave him a makeover. More like game over.

romantic moments oliver and company


Flik and Atta

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than when you try to impress a girl and she is clearly not impressed. And Atta is a princess. That’s like striking out in the big leagues.

romantic moments a bug's life flik and atta


Max and Roxanne

That awkward moment when you’re trying to be super smooth but then a Goofy laugh slips out.

romantic moments a goofy movie


Mowgli and The Girl

Sometimes you get a little foolish when a pretty girl is around, and all you can do is run away.

romantic moments jungle book


Tarzan and Jane

Meet-cutes, especially Disney meet-cutes, can be beyond magical. But Tarzan comes on a little (monkey) strong.

romantic moments tarzan and jane


Ariel and Eric

The most epic of romance fails. But it wasn’t their fault. Evil eels were afoot.

romantic moments ariel and eric



WALL•E can never fail in our minds. How was he to know that a plant was the one gift EVE could truly not accept?

romantic moments wall-e and eve


George and Meg

So many paper airplanes. With each fail, our heart falls.

romantic moments paperman

But as with any romantic failure, it just makes the final success that much more magical.

romantic moments paperman

So, yes, there are challenges on the road to love, but ultimately romance wins in the end. If you’re not convinced, just take a look at some more Paperman GIFs.


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Posted 7 years Ago
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