It’s springtime, guys. Better watch out. You know what happens in the springtime, don’t you? You don’t! It’s okay, Bambi didn’t either. We could tell you ourselves, but when it comes to the lessons of love in the springtime, no one explains it better than Bambi’s pal Owl. According to our ever-wise friend, the spring is when everyone get twitterpated.

Bambi Twitterpated 2

Yes. Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime.
Bambi Twitterpated 1

You’re walkin’ along, minding your own business.
Bambi Twitterpated 3

You’re looking neither to the left or the right.
Bambi Twitterpated 4

When all of a sudden, you run smack into a pretty face. Woo woo!
Bambi Twitterpated 6

You begin to get weak in the knees.
Bambi Twitterpated 7

Your head’s in a whirl.
Bambi Twitterpated 8

And then you feel light as a feather.
Bambi Twitterpated 9

And, before you know it, you’re walking on air.
Bambi Twitterpated 10

And then you know what? You’re knocked for a loop and you completely lose your head.
Bambi Twitterpated 11

And that ain’t all. It can happen to anybody. So you’d better be careful. It could happen to you, and you, and yes it could even happen to you!
Bambi Twitterpated 12

The only thing Owl won’t tell you is that when it does happen, IT COULD NOT BE CUTER.

Our evidence (via Flower, Thumper, and Bambi) is as follows:
Bambi Twitterpated 13
Bambi Twitterpated 14
Bambi Twitterpated 15
Bambi Twitterpated 16
Bambi Twitterpated 17
Bambi Twitterpated 18
Bambi Twitterpated 19

We could continue, but we think we’ve made our point. If you need a refresher in love, look no further than Bambi Presents Romance. With that, we wish you a twitterpated kind of spring. One so precious that it rivals Flower in the adorable department.

Impossible you say? Nah. Cuteness overload is how you end up frolicking in the clouds.
Bambi Twitterpated 20


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