How To Play Baseball Like Goofy

It’s baseball season. Finally. We’re not going to say that we’ve been counting the days since October, but we’re not going to say that we haven’t been. Now that it’s here, we should probably brush up on our knowledge of the game. Goofy has some tips and tricks that we should all remember:


1. Look the part.
goofy baseball uniform
The uniform is key. From the socks to the shoes, complete with screws…


…To the gum, which is an integral part of baseball tradition.
goofy baseball shoes
Or so says Goofy.


2. You need a game plan to help you stay focused.
goofy baseball
Simple is usually best.


3. Warm up your windup.
goofy baseball pitching
Be careful not to get too carried away.


4. Pick your signature batting stance before the pitch. . .
goofy baseball stance


. . . and after.
goofy baseball swing


5. Don’t let the other team intimidate you.
goofy baseball
It’s all bark and no bite . . . most of the time.


6. Be prepared for a curveball . . . or spitball.
goofy baseball spitball
These pitches have attitude.


7. Be in sync with your teammates.
goofy baseball error
It will help you avoid those frustrating fielding errors.


8. Know what’s going on around the field.
goofy baseball
Goofy always has his bases covered.


…And don’t get too distracted when the other team starts making funny faces. It’s inevitable.
goofy baseball


9. Always be polite to the umpires.
goofy baseball umpire
They are the supreme word in baseball justice.


10. Play for the love of the game.
goofy baseball
If you’ve got heart, you’ll play smart.


Now batter up!

Posted 5 years Ago
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