Ahh the glory of the hidden gems in Pixar films. Those clever little nods to other films, to infamous classroom numbers, to certain pizza delivery trucks. Better known as “Easter eggs,” some of these moments are fairly well-known, while others might be elusive to even the most expert Pixar fans. Either way, they’re guaranteed to make you want to re-watch these with your eyes extra peeled next time. Let the hunt begin!



Pixar Easter Eggs Ratatouille Remy Dug

That shadow looks a lot like a dog we love. Squirrel!


Monsters, Inc.

Pixar Easter Eggs Monsters, Inc. Boo Sulley

There are a lot of cameos in this scene that you probably didn’t even notice because you were too busy holding back the tears.


Cars 2

Pixar Easter Eggs Mater Cars 2

This is a tough one. As Mater drives down Route 66 at the beginning of Cars 2, a marquee tells us that “The Incredimobiles” will be playing at the local theater.


The Incredibles

Pixar Easter Eggs The Incredibles

A certain speedy mentor to Lightning McQueen can be spotted amidst the action in The Incredibles.


Monsters, Inc.

Pixar Easter Eggs Monsters, Inc.

When Randall finds himself banished, he winds up in a very familiar-looking location…


A Bug’s Life

Pixar Easter Eggs A Bug's Life

…Oh yeah! We knew we’d seen this place before. Also, shout-out to the Pizza Planet truck!


Toy Story 3

Pixar Easter Eggs Sid Toy Story 3

Pixar Easter Eggs Sid

The skull t-shirt wearing garbage collector is none other than the very… erm… creative Sid from Toy Story, all grown up.



Pixar Easter Eggs Up Lotso

Lotso and the Pixar ball appear for a quick moment as Carl’s house begins to float away.


Toy Story 3

Pixar Easter Eggs Buzz batteries

The fictional company from WALL·E, Buy N Large, apparently makes the batteries that power Buzz.


Cars 2

Pixar Easter Eggs Gastows Cars 2

When the cars visit France, they pass by a swanky restaurant called Gastow’s that reminds us of a certain imaginary mentor from Ratatouille.


Finding Nemo

Pixar Easter Eggs Finding Nemo

The dentist’s waiting room in Finding Nemo has some pretty incredible reading materials.


Monsters, Inc.

Pixar Easter Eggs Monsters, Inc. Mike Wazowski

Did you spot a familiar flying fish in this scene from Monsters, Inc.?


Cars 2

Pixar Easter Eggs Mater License Plate

Mater’s license plate number boasts the familiar A113…

…As does Andy’s mom’s car! A113 was a classroom number at California Institute of the Arts where many future Pixar filmmakers went to school.

Pixar Easter Eggs A113 Toy Story


Day & Night

Pixar Easter Eggs Day & Night

This is one of our favorites. The film that plays at the drive-in theater in Day & Night is the same film the dalmatians watch in One Hundred and One Dalmatians.



Pixar Easter Eggs Brave

Most recently, Mike and Sulley make hard-to-spot cameos in the Witch’s cottage.

Posted 8 years Ago
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