How to Make an Entrance, with Prince Ali

Clear the way in the old bazaar! But seriously, can Prince Ali make an entrance or can Prince Ali make an entrance? At the risk of sounding like our grandmothers, people just don’t make entrances like they used to. We’d like to change that. And who better to guide you to entrance-making glory than Prince Ali? No one. So let’s get started.

First, it’s all about the clothes. A fez and vest combo? Way too third century.
This is much better. It says, “I’m totally a real prince, guys.”

Next, you must carefully consider your mode of transportation. Camel? Horse? No.
Elephant, obviously! What other animal so clearly demands the attention of the room?

So, next steps. Organize a huge parade through your town’s main street.
Be sure to get one of your friends to lead the parade, and sing a song about how great you are.

Okay, here’s where things get a little complicated. Get your hands on 75 golden camels.
(And dudes to carry said camels around for you).

As for peacocks, you’ll need 53.
Everyone will love the feathers!

Get some girls at the party to start talking about you.
Some good buzz circulating before you get there is a crucial component to your fab entrance.

But, back to the animals. They’re key to making that good first impression.
So, get 95 white trumpet-playing monkeys. (Intricate monkey stands optional, but strongly recommended).

People. Love. Monkeys.
(See above).

Make sure you don’t charge a fee to view the monkeys.
(Throwing gold coins around probably wouldn’t hurt either.)

Also, don’t knock. Knocking is so passé. Instead have your elephant kick the door in.
Nothing says, “I’ve arrived!” like kicking the door in.

But watch out for wallflowers!

Make sure to compliment the host.
(And any potential love interests you’ve spotted).

Okay, here comes the big finale! You’re gonna need:
60 elephants and llamas galore. Preferably, balancing on top of each other.

Bears and lions…
…that are REALLY excited to be there.

A brass band!
Music sets the mood for a great entrance.

Next, forty floating men.
And make sure they’re floating a few feet off the ground. Let’s really give this entrance 100% of our effort.

Then, cooks and bakers.
The food is an important part of making our entrance the greatest. People like food.

And finally, birds that warble on key.
The most important piece of the puzzle, clearly.

Look how excited the Sultan is!
(Just ignore Jafar).

Even Iago can’t resist groovin’ to Prince Ali’s parade of fabulousness.
Again, ignore Jafar. What’s his problem?

Oh, and remember to be humble!
We hear certain princesses appreciate that kind of thing.

In conclusion, follow these quick, easy, and completely doable tips and your entrance will be fab.
Because, after all that, how could anyone not love this guy?

Posted 6 years Ago
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