We feel like the title of this pretty much speaks for itself, but just in case: have faith in what you want. Seriously. You have to believe before anyone else can. We’ve compiled a list of related advice from the ultimate dreamer, Walt Disney, to really drive our point home:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney
Believe in Your Dreams- Walt Disney 1
You can’t make something come true that you haven’t envisioned. You have to start somewhere.

“…when you believe a thing, believe it all over, implicitly and unquestioningly.” – Walt Disney
Dreams- Walt Disney 2
Believing means 100%, and don’t stop ‘til you make it happen.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” –Walt Disney
Dreams- Walt Disney 3
Impossible or mmm… possible?

“I believe in being an innovator.” –Walt Disney
Dreams- Walt Disney 8
Multiplane camera, anyone? Sometimes the thing you need doesn’t exist yet. Don’t let that stop you.

“People often ask me if I know the secret of success and if I could tell others how to make their dreams come true. My answer is, you do it by working.” –Walt Disney
Dreams- Walt Disney Awards
Go for the gold, y’all. It can’t hurt to try (unless we’re talking extreme sports, but that’s whole other story).

“Get a good idea, and stay with it. Dog it, and work at it until it’s done, and done right.” – Walt Disney
Dreams- Walt Disney and Mickey Drawing
We must remember, as Walt once said, that it all began with a mouse.

Ready, set, dream.

Posted 8 years Ago
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