10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

We’ve grown up knowing Snow White as “the fairest of them all.” After learning these 10 mind-blowing facts about the movie, we know why:


1. There was a song written for the movie that never made it into the final version. It was called “Music in Your Soup.”



2. To share his vision of the film with the animators, Walt Disney acted out all of the roles as he told them the story.
Dreams- Walt Disney Role Model
Tell us someone filmed this, guys. Please.

3. Before it was completed, 750 artists drew more than two million sketches. The movie ultimately contained more than 250,000 separate pictures.
Snow White
Wow-town. Population: those numbers.

4. The women of the Ink and Paint department applied real make-up to cels of Snow White, to give her a more rosy, life-like complexion.
Facts about Snow White- Makeup
Someone get us the name of this make-up ASAP. She looks so pretty. We have rouge envy.

5. During production, Walt Disney kept a menagerie of animals on the studio lot as live reference for the animators.
Facts about Snow White- Creatures
Guys. Hang on. That means there were ANIMALS on the Lot all the time. Best lunch break activity ever?!

6. Sterling Holloway was considered to be the voice of Sleepy, but instead the part went to Pinto Colvig, the same guy behind Goofy’s distinctive guffaws.
Facts about Snow White- Sleepy's Voice
Dudes. That.Is.Nuts Also, you should read up on Sterling Holloway’s uber impressive Disney resume.

7. The voice of both the queen and the witch (Lucille La Verne) achieved the witch’s rough sound by removing her false teeth before reading her lines.
Facts about Snow White- Witch's Voice
Someone get us video footage of this, stat.

8. The Spirit of the Magic Mirror’s voice was created by having Moroni Olsen speak its lines while wearing a box frame covered with old drum heads over his head.
Facts about Snow White- Magic Mirror
File under: things we want to try.

9. Snow White is one of very few Disney characters who have been honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; others include Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Winnie the Pooh.
Snow White
We feel like this really speaks to her greatness. And how much other people besides us love her.

10. There’s a picture of Snow White’s mom! In a book! And (no surprise here), she’s regal and fabulous.
Snow White
Special thanks to the Disney Insider for bringing this super crazy and totally awesome fact to our attention.


Posted 9 years Ago
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