17 Characters Who Could Use a Hug

Sometimes we just have one of those days. When things aren’t going our way. You know what always makes us feel better? A hug. So let’s send a collective hug, across the internet, to these characters. They’re having one of those days.
1. Jack Sparrow
His ship is gone.
2. Mr. Banks
All of his life choices have just been called into question. By a chimney sweep. (Shout out to Dick Van Dyke. We’d take our life advice from you any day.)
3. Drizella and Anastasia
Cinderella gets Prince Charming and a cushy new life at the Palace. These two get to continue living with their mother.
5. Zazu
hug_the lion king_zazu_simba_nala
Zazu puts up with a lot, guys: Simba’s attitude, getting stomped on by various other (larger) animals, almost getting eaten…we could go on. Please. Someone. Give this bird a hug. And a retirement plan.
6. Flynn Rider
They just can’t get his nose right.
7. Abu
Abu is used to seeing himself as a monkey. If we looked at our reflection only to find an elephant staring back, we would be totally freaked out too. We feel you, Abu.
8. Maurice
Gaston just told the entire village that Maurice is crazy, meanwhile Maurice is the only one who knows that Belle is locked in the Beast’s tower! This one is kind of a tear-jerker. We believe you, Maurice!
9. Captain Hook
Can you imagine what your quality of life would be if you were terrified every time you heard the tic tock of a clock? We probably wouldn’t take our frustration out on little kids, but still.
10. The Queen of Hearts’ Guards
Not only are their uniforms ridiculous and completely impractical, but they seriously have to paint every rose in Wonderland red. Seriously. every. single. one.
11. Santa Claus from The Nightmare Before Christmas
We think landing in Halloween Town without any warning would be pretty traumatic for anyone, but it must’ve been even more so for Santa. He’s from Christmas Town where literally the scariest thing is the potential for indigestion from eating too many pies and sweets. Talk about culture shock.
12. Chef Louis
Outsmarted repeatedly by a crab during your big song. Unfortunate.
13. Pepe the King Prawn
How many times does he have to tell you? He’s not a shrimp, he’s a king prawn, okay?
14. Eeyore
Poor Eeyore’s testing out replacement tails. We have a feeling this umbrella isn’t going to work out.
15. Phil
Phil has spent his life training wannabe heroes that never quite make it to celebrity status (until Herc comes along, of course). He also has a propensity for getting kicked, stepped on, smushed, and otherwise violently hurt on a daily basis.
16. The “Unfortunate Souls”
Ursula turned them into weird, shriveled marine plants, but they still have all their memories of life as a merman/maid. They get two hugs because not only are they sad about this, but they also have to live in fear of Ursula eating them. Unfortunate, indeed.
17. Grumpy
Do we really have to elaborate? Dude is perpetually grumpy.
And there you have it. What’s the lesson you might ask? Hugs. Hugs is the lesson.

Posted 8 years Ago
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