Uncle Albert Loves to Laugh

We wish we were more like Uncle Albert. We’re not 100% sure whose uncle he is, but he’s the arbiter of some of the finest (read: corniest) jokes in Disney movie history. That’s right. We said it.

Uncle Albert, for those of you who haven’t watched Mary Poppins on repeat like some of us, is the reason for the tea party on the ceiling. He laughs so much that he literally levitates and ends up floating by the roof. Why is he laughing? He loves it to laugh, of course. Loud and long and clear.

Before we go any further, remember the following:

♫ Some people laugh through their noses,
Sounding something like this — dreadful!
Some people laugh through their teeth, goodness sakes,
Hissing and fizzing like snakes.
Some laugh too fast.
Some only blast.
Others, they twitter like birds.
When things strike me as funny I can’t hide it inside,
And squeak as the squeakelers do.
I’ve got to let go with a ho ho ho ho
And laugh too. ♫

We know you’re now wondering which laugh you possess. (We already checked with each other.) To help you figure it out, here are our favorite joke moments from the scene…

Mary Poppins Uncle Albert 1
(Ahaha. Weather humor.)

Mary Poppins Uncle Albert 2
(*ba dum bum sound alert*)

Mary Poppins Uncle Albert 3
(Ouch. And #hilarious.)

Mary Poppins Uncle Albert 4
(Pillow puns!)

Mary Poppins Uncle Albert 5
(We see what you did there.)

Oh, Uncle Albert. And special appearance by Bert. We do love you so.

Posted 7 years Ago
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