The Best Friendship Moments From Up

There’s adventure. There’s love. There are baby Kevins. There are also many, many great friendships in the movie Up. Some of maybe the greatest friendships ever. They span generations and species. They defy gravity and biology (read: Dug, the talking dog). So let’s whip on some goggles and take a gander at some of our favorite friend moments from Up:


Carl and Ellie: The Handshake

Up Movie Carl and Ellie

There’s a point in every friendship where we take a chance and say “welcome aboard,” and you invite someone into your life. We just hope it always happens while wearing goggles.


Dug: Best. Greeting. Ever.

Up Movie Dug

“I have just met you, and I love you.” Friendship gold.


Russell and Kevin: Hanging Out

Up Movie Russell and Kevin

Is there any other way?


Carl and Ellie: Encouragement

Up Movie Ellie and Carl

Friends sometimes need a nudge in the right direction.


Kevin and Carl: Sincerest Flattery

Up Movie Carl and Kevin

Take it as a compliment when your friends imitate you. We’re sure that’s Kevin’s intent here.


Carl and Russell: Snack Time

Up Movie Carl and Russell ice cream

Food is an integral part of friendships. And eating ice cream while counting cars with the Spirit of Adventure overhead might be the best way to spend an afternoon.


Carl and Ellie: The Ellie Badge

Up Movie Ellie Badge

The highest honor any friend could receive.


Carl and Russell: The Ellie Badge

Up Movie Ellie Badge Russell

Cue the tears. We’re not sure any friendship moment can surpass this one.


Carl and Dug: Joy

Up Movie Carl and Dug

All friendship reunions should be like this. The longer we look at this GIF, the more we love Carl and Dug. All we want is to be their friends.


Posted 4 years Ago
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