Analyzing Disney Frenemies

If Disney romances are extra romantic, are Disney frenemies extra … frenemie-ish? We take a look through some of our favorite movies for research.


Carl and Kevin
At first, Carl wanted nothing to do with Kevin, the magnificent bird that he thought he invented to trick Russell. Nothing was going to get in the way of Carl taking his house to Paradise Falls, least of all a female “snipe” with a boy’s name. But by the end of “Up,” Carl risks life and limb to help the giant mama bird return to her pack of babies.
WALL•E and M-O
Let’s just say that M-O is a clean freak, and WALL•E is a “foreign contaminant” that M-O can’t wait to clean up. M-O eventually becomes a pretty important sidekick to WALL•E and EVE, but even that is only after M-O has had a chance to obliterate all of WALL•E’s microbes.
Woody and Buzz Lightyear
Woody and Buzz’s frenemy-ship is the basis for all of Toy Story. It’s the classic “new cool kid” scenario wherein the most popular kid gets out-populared when someone cooler shows up. Luckily, despite his jealous streak, Woody is a really good guy and realizes that he and Buzz make better teammates than enemies.
Lumiere and Cogsworth
These two enchanted objects might be total opposites but they’re each a vital part of Team Break the Spell. Sure, Lumiere’s devil-may-care attitude offends Cogsworth’s more refined (cough … uptight) sensibilities, but we know they’re secretly besties.
Lizzie and Kate
We’re really emotional about this one since we watched Kate pick on Lizzie for so many years, but we’re glad they found a way to be cordial in the end. They were elementary school besties after all. Nothing creates frenemies like middle school politics.
Victor and Edgar

Edgar wasn’t so much Victor’s friend as he was a guy who stalked Victor to spy on his science fair project. That said, after Edgar discovered that Victor brought Sparky back to life, he was the only one Victor could talk to about it. Besides, battling evil sea monkeys will bring anyone together, so their friendship was really pretty inevitable.
Kuzco and Pacha
To say that Kuzco and Pacha disliked each other is quite the understatement. After all, Kuzco was trying to destroy Pacha’s “little town thingy” to build his party palace, Kuzcotopia. But, after a handful of near-death experiences, these two came to see that the only way to survive was to become friends and work together. It’s like high-stakes frenemies.
Bagheera and Baloo
These two differ on one major issue: what to do about Mowgli. Baloo’s all “I can teach him to live in the jungle” and Bagheera’s like “But can you?”. (Disclaimer: These are not actually film quotes.) Also, there’s the moment where Baloo actually says this to Bagheera: “C’mon, Baggy, get with the beat.” We feel like we’d be frenemies with whoever said that to us, too. At the end of the day, though, they both just want what’s best for the man cub. So they have that to bond over.
Meeko and Percy
Meeko and Percy don’t start off on the right paw. They both want all the biscuits and neither has mastered the art of sharing. Not to mention one is a pampered pooch and the other is a wild raccoon. But by the time John Smith and crew set sail back to England, Percy and Meeko forge a friendship based on their love of food…and a greater understanding of each others cultures…but mostly food.
Cri-Kee and Mushu
Cri-Kee and Mushu are total opposites; they’re kind of the odd couple of animal friendships. Cri-Kee is Type A, by the book. Mushu is more…let’s say…spontaneous. What brought them together in the end? Their mutual love for Mulan, of course! They started working together, instead of against each other, and helped save China. So, that is a pretty great frenemy story.
Maximus and Flynn
Maximus and Flynn started out as bitter enemies. Flynn steals the crown, Maximus tries to get it back. You know, classic case of that happening. In the end, they come together because of their love for Rapunzel (and because Flynn always has apples on hand). Besides, nothing starts a friendship quite like a chase scene in a forest. (Shh, it totally applies here.)

Posted 4 years Ago
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