Ode to the Fairy Godmother Scene

Dear Fairy Godmother scene of Cinderella fame,


Thanks for making us believe in magic. You start off with the saddest situation in which it looks like Cinderella has lost all hope.
Cinderella- Fairy Godmother and Cinderella


And then hope comes in the form of the Fairy Godmother. But the magic can’t start until she finds her lost wand. At which point we question whether someone who misplaces a wand should be allowed to wield one.
Cinderella- Fairy Godmother Lost Wand


But then she finds it. And starts to sing. And then there’s all the sparkles.
Cinderella- Fairy Godmother Found Wand


Then the thing that was once a regular pumpkin starts to move. It. moves.
Cinderella- Moving Pumpkin


And starts to take an entirely different shape. (Read: A CARRIAGE.)
Cinderella- Fairy Godmother and Pumpkin

Cinderella- Fairy Godmother and Pumpkin Carriage


And then there’s the part where the mice and the dog are turned into footmen and other helpers. Right before our very eyes.
Cinderella- Mice

Cinderella- Mice as Horses

Cinderella- Fairy Godmother changes Horse

Cinderella- Fairy Godmother- Footmen


At which point we think all the magic is through, but then Cinderella subtly and demurely suggests that perhaps the Fairy Godmother forgot something.
Cinderella- Cinderella's Dress
A dress!!


After telling her she can’t go in the rags (you tried, mice!), she says “Just leave it to me. What a gown this will be!” And then this happens:
Cinderella Fairy Godmother GIF


At which point Cinderella utters possibly the most charming thing a princess could say: “Why, it’s like a dream. A wonderful dream come true.”
Cinderella- Fairy Godmother and Cinderella All Dressed Up


And she points out her entirely fabulous footwear. (Foreshadowing)
Cinderella- Cinderella Glass Slipper


And we cheer as the Fairy Godmother sends her off to meet her handsome prince. (Sorry, but have you seen him?)
Cinderella- Cinderella Saying Bye to Fairy Godmother


And the Fairy Godmother waves goodbye. With her wand. Which is automatically twice as cool as just with a hand.
Cinderella- Fairy Godmother Waving Goodbye to Cinderella


Even the skeptics among us can’t watch this scene without resigning to the fact that there’s just something utterly smile-inducing about seeing a little bit of fairy dust make a girl’s dream come true. All she wanted was a night out at the ball. And you gave it to her. And she got there in a really epic (almost slow motion) carriage ride.
Cinderella- Carriage


Forgive us. We need to watch this one part again in GIF form.
Cinderella Fairy Godmother GIF


Okay. Now we can be done. We salute you, Fairy Godmother scene.


Oh My Disney

Posted 4 years Ago
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