A Goofy Movie is the Ultimate Father-Son Film

It may have an auspicious beginning (in which Max has a nightmare that he turns into his dad), but this movie rapidly turns into a father-son tale for the ages. It has something for everyone. And all the things that father-son relationships really ought to include.


It has a dad embarrassingly dancing.
A Goofy Movie- Mambo


It has fatherly guilt:



It has angst-ridden melodrama:


It has an epic road trip.
A Goofy Movie- Epic Road Trip


It has home movies.
A Goofy Movie- Home Movies


And old memories.
A Goofy Movie- Old Memories


It has arguments about whose music is better.
A Goofy Movie- Music


It has the Open Road. (Song included.)
A Goofy Movie- Open Road


It has matching. possum. hats. You know… like you do.
A Goofy Movie- Hats


It has Bigfoot listening to 70’s music.
A Goofy Movie- BigFoot


It has (spoiler alert and #OhNoMax) deception.
A Goofy Movie- Max Lied


It has a baseball game.
A Goofy Movie- Baseball


And father-son tire changing.
A Goofy Movie- 1


It has THE coolest hotel room ever.
A Goofy Movie- 2


It has father-father bonding.
A Goofy Movie- Dad Bonding


It has heartwarming thoughts like this: “No matter how big you get, you’ll always be my son.”
A Goofy Movie- Son Quote


It has a “we finally get to have a real conversation” moment. Complete with floating down a river.
A Goofy Movie- River Singing


It has a totally epic musical number. With an entirely metaphorical message.
A Goofy Movie- Performance


And it has a happy ending. In which father and son have the same laugh. (And the same Goofy smile.)
A Goofy Movie- Laugh


You go, Goofs.

Posted 8 years Ago
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