Surprisingly Smart Party Advice From the Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is a fabulous host. He always makes sure that his guests are hydrated, provides constant musical entertainment, and has a style all his own. We highly recommend looking to him for part-spiration (party inspiration):


Etiquette matters. Ensure all guests received a proper invitation to the party. No crashers allowed.

Party Advice Mad Hatter 3


Make sure you look your best. Pro tip: you can check your reflection in a teapot lid on the sly.

Party Advice Mad Hatter 8


Perfect your presentation.

Party Advice Mad Hatter 7


Musical tea pots are functional and entertaining. This is a win.

Party Advice Mad Hatter 1


Matching hats make any party more festive. Make sure you have a variety of sizes to fit any mouse, rabbit, or human.

Party Advice Mad Hatter 2


Have a few party tricks up your sleeve (literally and figuratively).

Party Advice Mad Hatter 4


Butter fixes everything, especially watches. If not butter, then tea. If not tea, then sugar. If not sugar, then jam! (You get the idea, just pour it all on there.)

Party Advice Mad Hatter 10


Chairs are an excellent form of defense against raving-mad guests.

Party Advice Mad Hatter 9


Don’t be afraid to let guests (raving mad or not) know when they’ve overstayed their welcome.

Party Advice Mad Hatter 11


And remember: each person has 364 unbirthdays. Statistically speaking, it is most likely each of your guests’ unbirthday. Celebrate accordingly.

Party Advice Mad Hatter 5

Posted 6 years Ago
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