Fabulous Fashion: The Great Mouse Detective Edition

Olivia Flaversham was first in theaters in 1986. So was her adorable bow. Of all the things we love about The Great Mouse Detectiveand there are a great manythe fashion takes the cake. From that bow to Mr. Flaversham’s working outfit to evil Ratigan’s capes, we just can’t get enough.


Allow us to elaborate with our 15 favorite fashion things.


1. Olivia’s bow. We know we’ve already mentioned it, but it’s positioned on her head in such a way that we just can’t handle how great it is.
The Great Mouse Detective_Olivia1


2. The rest of Olivia’s outfit. It involves a bowtie, Mary Janes, and a plaid-like skirt.
The Great Mouse Detective_Olivia2


And when she travels, the outfit gets upgraded with a beret and scarf. Yep. A Scarf.
The Great Mouse Detective_Olivia3


3. Mr. Flaversham’s working ensemble. Who wears a bowtie to make toys that delight children everywhere? This guy:
The Great Mouse Detective_Mr.Flaversham2


4. Basil’s smoking jacket in the same frame as Dr. Dawson’s whole ensemble. Can you say dapper?
The Great Mouse Detective_Basil Jacket


5. Basil’s shoes. They’re old fashioned, yet timeless.
The Great Mouse Detective_Basil Shoes


6. Basil’s detective outfit. Why would anyone in the history of detectiving possibly wear anything else?
The Great Mouse Detective_Basil Detective Outfit


7. Ratigan’s everyday cape. Evil or not, this is one rat that knows how to 2.0 an ordinary tux.
The Great Mouse Detective_Ratigan Cape


8. Basil and Dr. Dawson’s disguises. One’s a pirate, the other one’s also possibly a pirate. Either way, some excellent dressing decisions are happening here.
The Great Mouse Detective_Basil's Pirate Outfit


9. Dr. Dawson’s travel clothes. They come complete with chic work boots and a tiny hat.
The Great Mouse Detective_Dr.Dawson


10. Fidget’s henchmen-esque attire. Say what you will about his terrifyingness (because he’s the creepiest), but this guy knows how to stay warm while enacting his dastardly duties.
The Great Mouse Detective_Fidget


11. The Queen’s everything. Seriously. Just look at her. She SCREAMS royalty. And class.
The Great Mouse Detective_TheQueen


12. Fidget’s attempt to blend in with the guards. That hat! Oh that hat. And all the other stuff, too.
The Great Mouse Detective_TheQueen2


13. Ratigan’s accessories. From the hat to the sword to the medals galore (did that rhyme or is it just us?), this rat is seriously styling.
The Great Mouse Detective_RatiganFinal


14. Mr. Flaversham’s glasses. They’re unrealistically large and we love them.
The Great Mouse Detective_Mr.Flaversham


15. Okay. This one has nothing to do with fashion. But look who we found while we were watching this movie:
The Great Mouse Detective_Dumbo
And there you have it. Thanks for the memories. And the stellar fashion choices.

Posted 8 years Ago
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