Word on the street is that a certain future monarch was just born! WE’RE REALLY EXCITED. To celebrate this momentous occasion, let’s walk down memory lane and remember some of our favorite Disney royalty, as babies. We think being a royal and being a baby is a classic combo, like chocolate and peanut butter, or hakuna and matata. It’s just the best. (Did we mention we’re really excited? We did? Okay. Let’s get started.)


This sleeping beauty didn’t get to enjoy her royal status for too long before she was sent away, but her crib set-up was legit. And the whole kingdom came to her party, so that’s cool.


Hear us out: he’s a demigod in Ancient Greece, we think that’s close enough to being a royal. Also we couldn’t resist this shot of Herc and baby Pegasus. Too. Much. Cute.


Two words: magic hair. Is it weird that we’re jealous of a baby’s hair? Cause we are.


Future king of the pride lands, current cuddly lion cub. Bonus: future queen, baby Nala!


Okay, so she’s a toddler here, we know. But we had to include Merida! Even as a kid, she was sassy. We can totally see her telling her (imaginary) nanny (that we just made up) that she’d be shootin’ for her own juice box (if they had juice boxes in Scotland centuries ago).


Bambi’s dad was known as the great prince of the forest. As soon as Bambi learns how to walk, we’re sure he’ll handle the whole being a royal thing with grace.  Baby steps. (Get it?)


This is the kid who will one day pull the sword out of the stone and become king. Right now he’s kind of scrawny and goes by the name “Wart,” but this guy’s going places. Trust us.


We love everything about baby Tiana: her super cute paper crown, her adorable nightgown, her dimples (we can’t see them from behind but we know they’re there), the way she’s wishing on a star. Is she actually a princess? No. But we feel like, in this case, princess is a state of mind. We want to give her a hug. Immediately.


So Cinderella’s maybe 7 or 8 here (yes, we’re just guessing), it still counts. Why? Cause we’re making up the rules for this article as we go along. That’s why. Also, what a great dress, right?


He’s going to grow up to be the king of the jungle, but right now we kind of want to steal a move from our grandmothers’ playbook and pinch his cheeks. We won’t, but we’d like to.


Congratulations to all royal families on having just really exemplary babies, animated or otherwise!

Posted 8 years Ago
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