Ten Reasons Julie Andrews is Cooler Than We’ll Ever Be

Since we were wee ones, we’ve known a few things to be undeniable truths of the universe. The Earth revolves around the sun, socks disappear in the dryer, and Julie Andrews is automatically cooler than everyone else. She’s practically perfect in every way. Here are some of those ways:


1. She has a sound stage on the Walt Disney Studios Lot named after her. This sound stage is celebrating its 12th anniversary today. It’s the place where Julie (we wish we were on a first name basis) filmed both Mary Poppins and The Princess Diaries.
Julie Andrews_Mary Poppins 1


2. She’s the voice of the nightly Disneyland show. This brings joy and delight to all, as only Julie and her accent could.
Julie Andrews_Mary Poppins 2


3. She played Queen Clarisse Rinaldi of Genovia. They probably had to invent a fake country for the movie just so they didn’t intimidate queens of real (and less Julie-esque) countries. And she played the part with class, white gloves, and a tiara.
Julie Andrews_3


4. She looks cool in all outfits. Even this hat and borderline bow tie.
Julie Andrews_Mary Poppins 4


5. She’s good at so many things that she’s actually the one making the whistling sound of this bird (the first audio-animatronic bird to be used in a film):
Julie Andrews_Mary Poppins 5


6. She makes carousel horses look classy and spectacular.
Julie Andrews_Mary Poppins 6


7. She makes sliding up banisters look effortless.
Julie Andrews_Mary Poppins 7


8. She makes this face, which seems to say “I’m intelligent, graceful, and cooler than you are” all with an air of humility.
Julie Andrews_8


9. Somehow she manages to convey all the emotions of Mary Poppins leaving (because the wind changed) with a single look. And she makes talking to an umbrella look totally normal.
Julie Andrews_Mary Poppins 9


10. She’s in this picture, which we’re pretty sure is one of the best things ever to be committed to film.
Julie Andrews_10

We rest our (impeccably mannered, British) case.

Posted 5 years Ago
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