The Way We Loved A Bug’s Life

It was November 1998 and we were pumped. We loved Toy Story so much, we were now super excited to see what cool new computer animated world Pixar had in store for us. So we piled into theaters to be in awe of this epic of miniature proportions.


We immediately couldn’t believe how real and beautiful everything looked. How did they do that?
A Bug's Life_1


Then we thought that the baby ant the Queen always carried was cute… no, gross… okay, cute.
A Bug's Life_9


When we met Dot, we immediately thought she was the cutest little ant ever and we loved all the scenes she was in.
A Bug's Life_5


We really liked when Flik explained to Dot that great things can start small with his seed metaphor, even though we probably didn’t know what a metaphor was at that time.
A Bug's Life_11


We were surprised to learn that grasshoppers can be mean, and we really wanted the ants to stand up to Hopper.
A Bug's Life_7


We wished the whole colony could see the world the way Flik did, and that he didn’t have to leave to find help.


We thought that the bug city made out of human things was super creative and couldn’t get enough of it.
A Bug's Life_2


As soon as Heimlich came on screen, we knew we would love him forever. He’s just so squishy and adorable!
A Bug's Life_3


We were a little surprised by Francis because we too thought he was a lady. Because “LADYbug.” What a great gag.
A Bug's Life_4


And we pretty much laughed at everything about Francis because a ladybug with a dude voice is a funny thing.
A Bug's Life_10


We thought shots like this were AMAZING and still could not understand how Pixar did stuff like this.
A Bug's Life_12


And this… just look at that detail!


And this! Because CGI animation was still so new, the thought that all of this was made with computers blew our minds.
A Bug's Life_13


We really wanted Flik’s plan with the circus bugs to work out, but secretly we were a bit stressed because we knew it probably wouldn’t, because it was a movie and all.
A Bug's Life_14


…And then yeah. It didn’t work out too well. And we felt really bad and just wished that Princess Atta would hear Flik out because his heart was in the right place.


We thought that the bird that the ants created was so cool! Why hadn’t they thought of that before?
A Bug's Life_17


And even though he was really mean and grouchy the entire movie, part of us sort of felt bad when Hopper got eaten by a bird, maybe because it reminded us that a bug’s life can be rough.
A Bug's Life_18


But all of that was soon replaced with uncontrollable laughter when our favorite bug, Heimlich, became a “real” butterfly.
Heimlich A Bug's Life


And if that wasn’t funny enough, the whole theater was in tears when Heimlich’s little butterfly wings couldn’t help him to fly and he still had to be air-lifted.

Posted 4 years Ago
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