Disney Referencing Disney

Disney movies have a lot of iconic moments. Obviously. So it always makes us smile when one Disney movie harkens back to another. These aren’t cameos or Easter eggs per se. Rather they are moments that are great on their own but are made all the more better by their added Disney history.

The Blue Fish
Hercules the blue fish
When Hercules gets a little creative with Phil’s rules, we knew we had seen this type of combat before. And it’s true. Prince Phillip’s dad was the original wielder of the blue fish.


Zazu Sings “It’s a Small World”
Zazu singing
It doesn’t matter that the song is a Disney classic. Scar shuts down that minstrel show fast.


Giselle Meets a Woman Feeding the Birds in Central Park
Giselle in park
Cue all the heartwarming Disney feels. #MaryPoppins


Hopper Uses the Circle of Life Metaphor
Hopper a bug's life
But we don’t think he really understands the epic emotions that should be attributed to that phrase. Case in point: “It’s a bug-eat-bug world out there, Princess. One of those circle-of-life kind of things.” (It’s okay, Hopper eventually understands that sometimes it’s a bird-eat-bug world.)


Andy and His Sister Listen to “Hakuna Matata” While They’re Moving
The kids were in the car. Meanwhile…

Toy Story ending
This is called irony. The kids may not have had worries, but the toys sure did.


Genie Makes Carpet Feel Like a Disneyland Ride
Genie Magic Carpet Aladdin
So this might be a bit of a stretch, BUT it was arguably the trip of a lifetime (considering it saved his life). AND after the ride, he immediately gets to try on clothes and accessories (not altogether remote from a gift shop, if you will). Also, we’re pretty sure every Disney ride ends with a cheerful “goodbye, goodbye, goodbye now!”


Chicken Little Opens On This Familiar Scene
Chicken Little opening

Also another bonus from Chicken Little: the papa alien is wearing a Mickey Mouse watch at the end of the movie. Although it looks like a version made especially for this family.

Chicken Little alien


Day & Night Shows the Same Movie as One Hundred and One Dalmatians
From a 1961 Disney animated film to a 2010 Pixar short? Classic.


Genie Wears a Goofy Hat
Genie wearing Goofy hat
He’s going to Disney after all. It’s the natural choice.

Posted 8 years Ago
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